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Tiro Fijo
12-05-2011, 18:27
The debate on stopping power has ended here!! :supergrin:

SJ 40
12-05-2011, 21:03
1132 gr. air cooled wheel weights,paper patched bullet. Don't know what the temper of the steel plate was but sure enough punched a hole in it,it's impressive alright. SJ 40

12-05-2011, 21:06

12-05-2011, 22:03
the caliber name sure fits :cool:

12-08-2011, 07:14
What happens when he makes a tungsten SABOT round?:wow:

12-11-2011, 16:43
A genuine number one, Squirrel Gun !!!!!

Atomic Punk
12-11-2011, 17:26
very cool and all. but why not just use a regular .50bmg?

12-11-2011, 20:22
Pffft.. I got a buddy with a 4 bore wall gun. That's a 4 ounce round ball and a 35mm film can full of black powder.

In this video 1:05. It is a religious experience to fire. Every one that shoots it the first thing out of their mouth is "Oh My God" or "Jesus Christ" with the exception of one woman that said "I need a cigarette"