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12-09-2011, 10:43
This summer I experimented with AIWB carry and found that it really works well for me. It offers great concealment, easy access even when in the car and eliminates the awkward hugging :supergrin:. I thought that I would move back to 3:30-4:00 come winter since better concealment clothing could be worn, but I'm sticking with AIWB.

There is another thread going about AIWB holsters and the Arch Angel has come up quite a bit. I've looked at it online and it does indeed look like a great holster. My question is about overall comfort of kydex AIWB. I'm using a cheapo Galco Sto-N-Go right now, but really don't trust the plastic belt clip. It seems to me that flexibility of a leather holster would be much more comfortable, but what I've read of the AA, most users really like it.

So I guess I'm just looking for feedback from people who have used this holster and maybe some comparison of it with others you've used.

Thanks in advance!

12-09-2011, 11:08
Kydex AIWB is fine. I bend my own Kydex, and have made a couple very similar to the AA. The next one I do is going to have a thin piece of elk hide over neoprene glued to the back for even more plushy comfort and to tuck the butt in. :supergrin:

If you carry a 26/27 get the holster for the 19. The compacts don't have enough meat hanging below the belt line to fully stabilize the gun.

FWIW I like the looks of the Shaggy a bit better. The AA doesn't have the block over the trigger guard which is essential to help tuck the butt in. And Raven has been hinting about a new release that's supposed to put them all to shame.