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View Full Version : Galco UDCMC mag carrier experience?

Mr Spock
12-09-2011, 22:58
I am looking at getting one of these on Amazon (gift cert).and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with it. I have a comp tac tuckable mag carrier for another gun but wanted to get something to use with my Glocks. It looks good but I don't know about the J clips since I have never used them on anything. Do I need a real gun belt to use J clips or can I just use whatever I am wearing at the time? I know, I should get a real gun belt, but what I use works just fine for my purposes.

So - anyone have anything (good or bad) to say about this one?

Mr Spock
12-10-2011, 13:37
No one uses the Galco IWB mag holder?