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12-11-2011, 17:28
Hey gang...2 picts of CCR cerrahide taken today with the sun shining on it... House finish...A little darker than I had wanted but it is growing on me.....

I went through 40 rounds of Buffalo Bore today...180grain jhc...not exactly sure what the "c" stands for....Anyways...average chrony was 1335 glock smiles no issues with stock barrel and stock rsa. Brass ejected approx 10 feet....I plan on playing with some Underwood stuff next as well as Buffalo Bore fmj and Buffalo Bore hardcast soon as well.
Happy Holidays!


12-11-2011, 17:57
JHC my refer to Jacket Hollow Cavity ???

Anyway the gun looks nice!

12-11-2011, 19:20
jacketed hardcast maybe?