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12-13-2011, 22:18
Just picked up a Gen 3 G20. Although new to the 10mm am not new to handguns. Aside from the background negativity towards lasers in general, does anybody out there have an experienced based opinion on the durability of CT vs Veridian with the recoil of the hotter 10mm loads. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Atomic Punk
12-13-2011, 23:11
i have a lasermax on my g20c . have had it for a few years. still works great. some plastic came out of the on switch about a year after i got it. was easily fixed though. and still have the new one lasermax sent to me.

texas 48
12-13-2011, 23:54
I dont think CT has one for the G20.
Thats why I bought a lasermax guide rod laser for my 20sf and glad I did. Still working great after 1500 rounds of full power of my own loads. Had nothing but trouble with my Lasermax for my 29sf. would go on by itself. Replaced activation lever and spring 3 times still activates by itself. Lasermax wants me to send them my gun and custom fit one for it on their dime but dont want the hassle. I think the double spring on sub compacts may be an issue or my ammo may be too hot for the sub compact 29.

12-14-2011, 18:05
I have a LaserMax LMS-UNI-G (green laser) on my Glock 20SF Longslide project. word to describe it.

I've shot 400 rounds of high pressure 10MM..still works fine. If I remove it for any reason, the point of aim is the same when I reinstall it. I like that.

I am not impressed with anything else.

(the veridien had some issues on one YouTube test I watched).


Take care