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12-15-2011, 15:40
I know theres gonna be a gap but does anyone know if a slide from my G20 work on a G30 ?

12-15-2011, 17:01
Im sure it won't, I know the locking blocks arent even close to being the same...among other things that I cant think of now...

12-15-2011, 17:26
Stevus, the answer is no they will not work! The G-20 slide will fit the G-21 frame and vice versa.
The G-29 and G-30 slides are said to also fit but not sure!

12-15-2011, 17:51
Thanks . Would have been nice .

12-15-2011, 19:33
Yes it would be nice, I wish they would make a long slides and 6" barrels to use with the Glock 29's that would be a great addition to this little package!

12-15-2011, 20:52
As a side note a Glock 36 slide will run on a Glock 30 frame.

12-16-2011, 01:11
Burien and I thought this thing out extensively (putting G20 slide on G29 frame, same thing), and I think there's a solution. The locking blocks are very different. The way we figured it MIGHT work is if you bought an extended (G20 length, 4.6") G29 barrel, THEN used the G20 slide. This would make the barrel compatible with the locking block. However, there's still the issue of the recoil spring. The G20 locking block and assembly notch are further forward than the G29 unit. That means the G20 recoil spring would be at full extension before it would contact the assembly notch. Therefore, you would have to just hold the recoil spring while installing the slide. This should be easy given the gap in the dust cover. The other problem would be whether or not the recoil spring would be long enough to butt up against the frame at lockup. If it's not long enough, there would be no spring tension holding the gun in battery. It would have some slack. Even if it DID make contact, it might just BARELY make contact, which would result in less spring tension holding the gun in battery, and less spring tension during feeding (which would equal jams).

The bottom line is that simply putting a G20/21 slide on a G29 frame will NOT work. And the only way to see if this proposed conversion will work is to try it. I don't think Burien ever tried it. He has the extended barrel, but I don't think he had access to a G20 slide. I would love to see if it works. I think it very well might.

Oceanbob, don't you have an extended G29 barrel? If you have one that's 4.5" or longer, could you try putting it in your G20 slide with G20 RSA, and install it on your G29? I'd love to see if it works.

12-17-2011, 12:55
Well how about this one . I just picked up a G32 .357 sig and Im looking at buying a G17 or 17L . Will the 17(L) slide work on the 32?

12-17-2011, 16:41
Yes, but remember there is a difference in cartridge case head diameter between the 9mm and the 357Sig, changing top ends will help there. What about the magazings? Will they fit your frame for the appropriate cartridges?

I opted to use conversion barrels for my G-29 to utilize 40S&W, 357Sig and also 9x25Dillon. These rounds use the same magazines therefore ONLY a barrel swap is needed.

12-18-2011, 05:23
Well how about this one . I just picked up a G32 .357 sig and Im looking at buying a G17 or 17L . Will the 17(L) slide work on the 32?

I'm not too sure about the G17 slide. As long as the barrel lugs are the same between the G17 and G19, you'll be fine. Ask that question in General Glocking. I know a G19 slide will DEFINITELY fit. However, you have the .40S&W/.357Sig ejector, so you MIGHT need the 9mm ejector. The .40S&W will likely work, but maybe not. I would just get a LWD (or whatever company) conversion barrel. You can get an extended one if you want.