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12-17-2011, 22:31
Buddy of mine bought one and came over to shoot it.
240 gr Blazer AL would not cycle the gun.

I had some 44 mag reloads from a family member that sold his 44 mag and no longer wanted the ammo.

Ran about 100 rounds through it which did cycle the gun but fit very tight in the mag. I assumed the reloads were meant for a wheel gun and were loaded a little long.

After polishing the rounds, many of them have divots or little dents along the case.

Any ideas?

12-18-2011, 12:49
The DE is very hard on brass as it ejects. You also want to avoid lead bullets in the DE. I sold mine, too finicky. They really only like full power loads, probably why it doesn't like the Blaser stuff.

12-18-2011, 15:51
There are dents, and there are dents. If they are minor, you can ignore them.