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12-19-2011, 21:21
I'm trying to get some different ideas on how I want to mount a light on my 870. I'm also trying to decide on what light to get. So, pics of your setup would be great!

Big Bird
12-19-2011, 21:57
I think the Surefire light is the best. But its not cheap.

Here's mine on my 870

12-19-2011, 22:46
I think the Surefire light is the best. But its not cheap.

Here's mine on my 870

I really like those. I want to buy one for my mossberg but it costs more than the gun did.

12-19-2011, 23:11
For now I think the SureFire forend is out of the question :(

B Coyote
12-20-2011, 00:58 (


12-23-2011, 05:35
Some things to consider....

If you intend to shoot this gun often / a lot, a flashlight other than a surefire or other top quality light will shoot itself apart. I shot a TLR-1 off of my benelli M4 and went with surefire, 600 rds later I am still good to go.

You will needs a means of attaching it that will not come off under stress, probably some type of rail system, this may be cheaper than SF Forearm, but on a pump, if you use a cable to the light, you run the risk of it binding or getting caught, unless you mount it on the forearm.

Wherever you mount it, consider light discipline / accidental illumination.

12-23-2011, 19:02

12-24-2011, 09:12
I'm trying to get some different ideas on how I want to mount a light on my 870. I'm also trying to decide on what light to get. So, pics of your setup would be great!

i would check out the mod-c clamp with a surefire G2, been using this set-up daily for patrol last 2 yrs and has been rock solid. see if i can find a pic for ya.


12-24-2011, 22:03
The best option is the Nordic Components, it is a dual purpose unit.
I'll get some close-ups after Christmas.

12-25-2011, 08:12
Magpul has a 870 stock and for end coming out. The fore end has slots for the moe light kit. I'm going to change mine out to that.

12-25-2011, 10:49
I'm ordering a Surefire Forend in January. I've dicked around with all sorts of clamps and rails and what not, it always gets super bulky. I don't like stuff on the side of my Shotgun either, like side saddles, so when I put a Streamlight mount and TLR-1s on, I hated it. I had a Surefire forend on my Express and let it go when I traded it. Now that I got my Police that I'm keeping, I need another. Quality is expensive, and on something for any kind of defense, you shouldn't cheap out and leave large margins for errors. On an AR I always put a X300 on a rail, I think they work great, but you don't pump an AR.

12-25-2011, 20:27
UTG Tri-rail, Surefire G2Led

12-25-2011, 21:00
Not the greatest pic of mine but here's the Maverick 88 with my ginourmous flashlight. The mount is just an aluminum type that clamps to the mag tube. Seems very sturdy. Its survived 2 boxes of birdshot thusfar, so I'm sure its good to go for HD.

12-28-2011, 13:57
This is my 870 Tactical guarding my dishwasher.

I've got a 337 lumen Fenix TK15 light on it with a remote switch and a generic brand five slot, three rail picatinny type mount. The mount is way beefier than it needs to be but I was having problems with the factory barrel/mag tube clamp (I over tightened it and stripped it) and this one works well despite being a bit heavy and the fact that I only use one if the twelve slots on the rails. After a few hundred rounds on clays, patterning, and about forty slugs the remote switch stopped working properly but Fenix is sending me a new one. I am going to reinforce where the cable connects with switch this time.

It's no Surefire but the light, mount, and switch only cost me about $150. If I can find a barrel/mag clamp with one, three-slot rail I would like to put that on it just to make it lighter.

ETA: This is my backup home defense shotgun, a Weatherby PA-459. I have a backup shotgun in case the pressure switch for the light on my primary weapon system fails.:supergrin:

I got the Weatherby used in great shape for dirt cheap and put a Streamlight weaponlight (with cool strobe feature!) on the rail that came on the pump. I don't see too many people using this shotgun and people often mistake it for a Benelli Nova. I like mine, it is extremely light weight and a lot of gun for the money especially with the fibre optic ghost ring sights, but it has a few drawbacks. The light weight makes recoil a bit more sharp, the extended pump handle makes manipulating shells in the tube with for slug changeovers and admin unloading less practical, very few accessories fit on the gun (hence the slip on shell holder), and it had no sling swivel studs.

That said I am glad I got a used one with the rail on the pump as Weatherby stopped putting them on the new guns for some reason. It also comes in digi camo or cool skull camo finish which I would have liked.

12-28-2011, 16:55 (

12-31-2011, 16:27

I am lousy photographer, but here is my only shotgun with a weaponlight. I prefer the Mossberg 500 but this is my issued shotgun, so I put the light on the gun I felt I was most likely to use in a fight.

I have had issues with Remington's customer service on two occasions with my personally owned Remingtons. I bought a Mossberg to try it and actually liked it better. This gun however has been 100% and I trust it to work when called upon.

I am not a fan of rifle sights on shotguns, none of my personal guns have them.

01-02-2012, 18:04

B Coyote
01-02-2012, 18:29
Now that's a sharp-looking shotgun.


01-06-2012, 08:00
There are other lights besides surefire. I just baught a 4sevens malstrom and for the money is bright, light weight and has excellent throw. Also look at olight, fenix, and jetbeam. Surefire is excellent butyou might get more bang for your buck.

01-07-2012, 20:19
My ex-miami pd wingmaster with a medium budget/medium tacticool TLR1 mounted to a rail that clamps over my mag tube. TLR1 can also very easily be swapped in seconds onto any railed firearm I have including my glocks. I have another that is full time on my G20. I really like them.

01-10-2012, 17:53
I just ordered the Elzetta barrel mount along with the Streamlight Polytac led to mount on a new Rem 870 hd...consider this a place holder, I'll post a pic in a few days

Al Czervik
02-09-2012, 19:02
I've been happy with the Surefire on my BP model.

02-10-2012, 14:09
Mossberg 590 with a Streamlight TL-2.

I'm seriously thinking about replacing the Hogue Tamer pistol grip with a collapsable setup from Mesa Tactical.


02-10-2012, 21:05
Mav 88 $199
Hellfighter light with a "steel" strike bezel that can be sharpened, unlike aluminum.

02-11-2012, 13:01
As close as I will ever get to attaching a light to my HD gun

02-11-2012, 13:12

02-13-2012, 12:36
My zombie negotiator with Leapers Flashlight (integral mount).

02-13-2012, 13:00
GG&G forearm mount, X300

02-16-2012, 22:33
I just got in my elzetta mount for my NEF (870 clone). Got a streamlight 88850 LED to go with it on recommendation from amazon. MAN that sucker is BRIGHT!

Eletta mount seems to be pretty solid. I was sold after watching the youtube videos of the guy blasting away with it on and not moving. $38 for the mount, $35 for the flashlight on Amazon. Pics later.