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john heckaman
12-20-2011, 21:23
Not new to reloading, and I've run out of bullets....after 8k or so 115gr FMJ's I switched to 124's...loaded 8-10k with much success.
Now, I'm looking to move to 147gr FMJ's from Precision Delta (ordered 100 to start).
I've done some searching, not just on this forum...to see what I could find, keeping in mind that I've got 8-10 pounds of HP-38 powder and 7k of primers.
I looked for similar OAL's to what I've had success with so as not to completely vary my die settings from where they are currently.
I'll be using an F1 Chrony to record results, but, this is what I've found for loads to start with, and tweak to my satisfaction...

1.13-1.14" OAL
3.7 - 3.9gr HP-38 (or Win231)

I will be using a Glock 34, and, my intentions for loading are for IDPA (min 125,000 power factor).

Anyone have similar data that can support what I've found, or, steer me away from this?

12-21-2011, 11:48
I can't help you with W231/HP38. My Zero 147gr JHP loads were chronoed with Unique and WSF. At a COL of 1.125-1.13 in a G19:
Unique 4.0gr averaged 908fps
Unique 4.2gr averaged 959fps
Unique 4.4gr averaged 976fps
WSF 4.0gr averaged 904fps

The Unique loads ran appx 15fps slower in a P226 and 50fps or more slower in a P239. The WSF load was appx 35fps slower in the P226 and 45fps slower in the P239.

12-22-2011, 20:48
3.7 -3.8 of W231 and PD 147's does the trick in my G19. No issues with IDPA PF.

john heckaman
12-23-2011, 10:50
Thanks Guys.
Cfish, approximately what OAL?