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12-24-2011, 22:43
Santa has been workin his ass off, put in enough overtime, scrimped and saved enough to finally get himself a Hornady Lock N Load AP, with a few of the trimmings. Grafs has a special right now that includes a free electric case prep tool.

I was offered a Dillon 650 for $600, but after careful thought I just couldn't get myself to drink the blue Kool-Aid..... I felt the LNL was easier and less expensive long term for caliber changes, etc.

Anyway, I've been drooling over this press for a long time now, and anxious to get it fired up.

I also have about 400 pounds of lead here at the house I need to put to good use.

12-25-2011, 08:03
Congrats, and Merry Christmas to you.