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M&P Shooter
12-26-2011, 13:36
Anybody recommend this stuff for stocking up on. My question is.....Is this stuff good enough to fork over the money to stash some away?


12-26-2011, 13:42
Stash it away for what purpose?

12-26-2011, 14:40
One of the best SD rounds in .223/5.56, IMO. The FPD seems harder to find but I like the nickel cases. The ultimate is the TAP T2 bullet in 5.56 but that's almost impossible to find.

I don't think I would stash 500 rounds of this stuff (too expensive) but certainly having 5 or 6 boxes would be good. You need at least a few boxes just to function check it.

M&P Shooter
12-26-2011, 16:24
Stash it away for what purpose? Riot, zombies, Hitler coming back from the dead and restoring the Third Reich, etc:whistling:

12-26-2011, 18:04
I'd rather stash this stuff away for a rainy day.

Never know what you may have to shoot at/through.:whistling:

12-28-2011, 18:40
If you have the $$$ to spare the Silver State Armory (SSA) 70gr Barnes TSX 5.56mm NATO pressure load is supposedly the shiznit in-caliber. It ain't cheap but I have 200rds of it "on ice" for a rainy day.

The Mk318 is also worth looking into for high-end, quality 5.56mm fodder, albeit not nearly as expensive as the SSA stuff.