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12-27-2011, 18:27
hello fellas.... just finished loading about 200 rounds of jsp and jhp for the my 44mag and want to buy some lead bullets for the cause....

who do you gentlemen like for lead bullets?

i load fairly hot so im thinkin gas checks are a plus- looking for 240gr and above tp be fired out of my redhawk

12-27-2011, 18:33
I prefer the original 250 grain Keith SWC. This bullet as cast from a Lyman mold 429421 (or the RCBS KT) is about as good as it gets for .44 Mag. Elmer Keith himself designed the bullet and it just works.

I think Leadheads and Montana Bullet works are currently casting this bullet in its original design. It works best cast hard.

Good Shooting


12-27-2011, 19:01




I have had good luck with all of these with upper end 2400 loads

12-27-2011, 20:07
I like Bear Creek's 240gr SWC. They're moly coated lead so there's little smoke.

Zombie Steve
12-27-2011, 20:51
It's hard to go wrong with a 240 / 250 Keith style swc and 2400.

12-27-2011, 22:57
It's hard to go wrong with a 240 / 250 Keith style swc and 2400.

^^THIS^^ Just make sure yo ubuy a bullet that fits the gun. That means at least a 0.430" bullet for most, 0.431" is better. If you can pin gage your cyl throats, also very important for best accuracy w/ least leading. Many Rugers have undersized cyl throat. They should be 0.430"-0.431" for a same size bullet. No gc is really needed for most hard cast bullets IF properly sized. I have run a BHN18 bullet to 1400fps w/ no leading.

12-27-2011, 23:16
Yup. 250gr Keith SWC and #2400 for hunting. Use the same with TrailBoss for plinkers and small game.

During the warmer months I cast my own. In winter, I use Missouri Bullet.

12-27-2011, 23:21
I've used "Cast Performance" heat treated GC in my S&W 500. No leading at 1,700 fps & very accurate.