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12-30-2011, 07:35
My department issued me a new gen4 G23 about a year ago and I really wasn't that crazy about the 40. I've been carrying a Glock 357 Sig for years. Well the 23 kinda grew on me. My wife bought me a new G27 for Christmas to carry as a backup to the 23. I fell in love with the 27 and I'm really starting to like the 40 round.

01-02-2012, 10:15
I really like the G23 (it was my 1st Glock), but the more I shoot my G30, it is winning me over... That said, the 23/27 is quite a combo!

01-02-2012, 10:27
I just got my first 40. Unavenged been a .45 and 9mm guy floor over twenty years. I am really hoping I will grow to love it too. It took this long to finally decide its not a fad.LOL

01-02-2012, 21:10
I'm a detective and I'm allowed to dress pretty much how I want. On colder days when I wear a jacket I carry the G23 in my Miami Classic shoulder holster with two spare G23 mags in the mag pouch. My G27 rides just above my right rear hip pocket in a Dillion Belt Slide holster.

01-04-2012, 20:58
Both the 23 and 27 are fantastic .40's, both shoot very well.

01-04-2012, 21:06
I'm possibly making a trade for a G27 tomorrow. I used to have a G22 and it was a bit snappy, but I'm gonna give the 27 a chance now.
My 30 will go to the grave with me though, best Glock ever. :)

01-06-2012, 20:10
I would love to try a G30. Never have fired one though. The 27 is a fine handgun. I was very shocked at the accuracy.

05-20-2012, 22:55
I also love my G30. Its just that I'm limiting my rounds to .40 cal only.

05-20-2012, 23:44
I was on the .40 bandwagon early. My first was a SigSauer P229 I carried on duty. I've never liked the .45 (not trying to start an argument, just wasn't my thing), and I wanted something that hit a little harder than the 9mm. The accuracy of the .40 sold me on the round. That was in 1998. I got my first Glock 23 a couple years later, but I couldn't get the same results with it that I got with my Sig so I sold it.

A few months ago I tried again after seeing the new grip on the Gen4. I love my G23 and I use it as my home defense weapon. When I leave the house I strap on my Gen4 G27. That's my every day concealed carry weapon. I use G22 15 round mags as spares for both guns. With the new grip I love my Glocks and I have always loved the .40.

06-07-2012, 20:18
I've never been much of a 40S&W fan, but have been shooting my 40s a little more lately.

06-11-2012, 10:42
Recently bought a gen4 G23, shoots better than my new G19 or 21sf. I cut my teeth, so to speak, on the .40 and I've enjoyed it ever since.

06-11-2012, 10:56
Been carrying .40 since the mid 90's and have never wanted to change. First carry gun in .40 was an Astra A75 then in '99 I switched to Glock. A G22.

06-11-2012, 12:28
I waited about 10 years after the .40 S&W had been adopted by the CHP out this way before I paid much attention to the caliber. (I handled and fired the G22/23's back in '90, but just didn't care for them, and the M4006 was a lot heavier than the 5903 I was issued.)

I finally got around to looking at it again after it had acquired a decent record in LE service ... and it looked like I was going to be issued one in the near future.

Now, years later, I have 5 of them, and I also carried a couple of issued .40's, as well.

As a young cop I was pretty much only interested in .45 ACP, but I learned the 9mm made for a decent service/duty cartridge, especially as better ammunition was developed and available. I accepted the .40 S&W the same way.

If I didn't have access to an ammo inventory that included .40 S&W, though, I might not have bothered with it.

As it is, I've found the smaller .40's to fit my needs well enough, with the M&P 40c, G27 & a 4040PD to be handy. (The G27 is a nice alternative to my G26's, and the 4040PD is pretty much a 3913 into which the .40 has been stuffed. ;) ) A couple of larger or fatter models don't see as much carry use nowadays.

One thing I've noticed over the years, and after having fired many tens of thousands of rounds of .40, is that the more .40 I shoot ... the better I shoot my 9's. :)

06-11-2012, 22:10
<------ likes the .40 a lot :supergrin:

06-13-2012, 12:25
I have always considered .40 caliber to be powerful and accurate. Now after an illness and with my doctor’s approval, I can again carry for CCW. The caveat is that I abstain from using handguns with sharp recoil.

So, after an absence of nine months from gun handling I have obtained a Glock 27 .40 S&W pistol and Speer 165gr Gold Dot HP's to carry.


When I owned a G21, G30 and G36, I thought them all very fine handguns. Loaded with .45 caliber ammunition they were formidable weapons.

I think that the Glock 27 is an even better CCW weapon than any of those because of its comfort carrying, easy concealment and the equallypowerful .40 caliber round.

In the past I was able to maintain good accuracy with my former Glock pistols. I would think that I should do the same with the G27.

07-10-2012, 20:40
Bought my first .40, a G23, in '90 or '91. The G23 still shoots well in my hands, like it a lot, and it remains my favorite Glock 40.

07-11-2012, 17:25
I really like my 27, in fact I shoot it better than either of my two other Glocks. They are really nice little guns.