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01-03-2012, 04:56
I recently inherited a Winchester Model 12 (12 guage) shotgun. Does not look like it has been shot in over 40 years, and actually has cobb webs in it.

Anyways, The barrel has one of those old Lyman Cutts compensators on it, I looked the part number up and it appears to be a extra full choke. Not nessiaslry what I want for skeet shooting. From the research I have compiled it appears that these chokes do not come off once installed onto the gun.

So my question is, can I take the choke off so just the adapter is at the end? And what type of spread will this give me?

The choke system comes as a two part system, it has this funky little muzzle brake that the interchangeable chokes are screwed/unscrewed onto. The only choke I have in my possesion is the extra full choke, which brings me to my next question...Where can I get a cylinder choke, or at least an IC choke? I have seen a cutts spreader choke, but have no idea what it is, is it the same as having no choke at all?

You may have gotten a little lost so I will sum up my three main questions here.
1. Can the shotgun be shot with no choke installed, but the lyman adapter still on, just nothing screwed in?
2. Where can I purchase a skeet shooting choke for this adapter?
3. What is a spreader choke, and does it give a similar spread to a cylinder choke or IC choke?

Thank You!

01-03-2012, 16:47
Anyone know what I am talking about?

01-03-2012, 16:53
Sort of. I have the Weaver version on my Model 97 I believe, the products are so old I don't know if there are any chokes out there that will work for you in that. I wouldn't shoot it with a tube in it, you probably could but it might damage the threads. As far as purchasing new chokes, you might try lyman directly, they might be able to point you to a source or tell you something that will work.

01-03-2012, 18:17
Thanks, I was curious about ruining the threads with the choke off as well.

Does anyone know what a "spreader choke" is?

01-03-2012, 19:43
I have a Remington 11 with Cutts on it. I think the spreader choke is like cylinder bore. I know that shooting without any choke is bad for the Cutts.

Lyman stopped making chokes a few years ago, so what ever is out there is it. I'm looking for an IC myself - I haven't had much luck online. Auctions have gone higher than what I want to pay. Gunshows and old out of the way gun stores might be the best bet.

Here's how mine are marked.

IC .755*
MOD .725
Full .705
Super Full .690
Mag .680

Keep in mind that chokes come in steel and alloy. Good luck!

You might consider looking for another barrel or cutting the Cutts off and pulling a poly-choke on it.

*Still looking!

01-04-2012, 13:57
Unfortunately I don't think this gun is worth more then 50$. Not to say that it is a bad gun, its just that the beauty is more in the eyes of the beholder, me. I would rather just find a spread choke for it as cheap as I can.

What is the difference between the steel and alloy chokes? I am assume it has something to do with the type of shot you are shooting...

Jim Watson
01-04-2012, 14:23
The spreader tube for a Cutts actually flares out, kind of like a modern blunderbuss.
If you look at the auction at
The spreader is the second from the right.

I think it would be suitable for 12 gauge skeet.
Corsons lists them for $60; $50 in "alloy."

I am pretty sure the alloy choke tube is made out of aluminum to reduce weight. They did not have to worry about steel or gimmick metal shot when that gun was made.

01-04-2012, 15:04
Are you sure it's a Cutt's Compensator(like was used on the Thompson SMG) and not a Poly Choke? I had an old, bolt action Mossberg 16ga with a Poly Choke on it, I thought it was kind of cool being able to change the choke by turning the Poly Choke.

Jim Watson
01-04-2012, 17:50
It is a Cutts Compensator as used on shotguns.
Mr Cutts designed compensators for all manner of guns. Except pistols, that was in the future for his generation.

01-04-2012, 19:57
It is a Cutts Compensator as used on shotguns.
Mr Cutts designed compensators for all manner of guns. Except pistols, that was in the future for his generation.

Ok, well since we're sure then personally, I'd either try to find the other choke tubes for it or just get a Poly Choke and replace it all together.

01-04-2012, 20:04
So would I be wanting to get the steel choke or the alloy (aluminum) choke for skeet?

Unless poly choke makes a compensator that has the name "Lymann" and "Cutts" engraved into the choke then NO. I actually have a poly choke on another one of my shotguns and know what they look like as well.

Jim Watson
01-04-2012, 22:57
I'd go steel. No point trying to save an ounce on the muzzle of a gun that you want a smooth swing with. Old time skeet shooters, pre O/U era, said the mass and visual bulge on the front end was a help in lining up the shot. So it wasn't just a recoil reducer.

Note: Your squad mates should stand well back. The diverted blast is pretty loud.

There were a few competitors. The Poly Choke was the only one that amounted to much and that largely because you didn't have to carry around tubes... which people seem to be getting used to again.
Eventually, Lyman even offered a variable choke attachment for the Cutts body to compete with Poly and other variable chokes.

The Weaver Choke was a simplified economy model with holes in an aluminum body instead of slots.

The Pachmayr Choke reversed the layout. The choke tube protruded back inside the compensator body almost but not quite back to the barrel muzzle, leaving a gap for gas to flow out to the vents. A friend said it did not work at all well with plastic shotcup wads, they tended to snag on the entering edge of the choke tube and fill the body with plastic. He had a rifled tube for it for slugs.

01-05-2012, 04:06
Note: Your squad mates should stand well back. The diverted blast is pretty loud.

So I hear, I have been wanting to take this out to the range for some time now to see how much louder it really is!

Sounds like you know your chokes Mr. Watson!

I would love to get my hands on one of those adjustable ones (: I see a couple up for bidding, but they are at a ridiculous price that I would not be willing to pay. For the money I would rather go buy another old model 12 that someone has neglected. I really love these old guns!

01-10-2012, 08:07
Do you still need a cutts choke?

02-08-2012, 14:30
Do you still need a cutts choke?