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01-03-2012, 20:34
Our local WalMart currently has WWB - 40 S&W - 180-grain JHP ($24.97) -

Winchester White Box tab reads:

40 S&W
180 GR. JHP
Personal Protection - USA40JHP

There's no batch # or any performance data (muzzle velocity/foot-pounds-energy, etc).

The price seems reasonable. Anyone here familiar with WWB-180JHPs? How's MV/FPE? Should I pull the trigger and get a box?

Thanx - Shoot Safe!

01-03-2012, 20:53
The bullet probably wouldn't expand reliably. I wouldn't use it for self defense purposes but it would make decent but expensive target ammo.


Tiro Fijo
01-03-2012, 21:18
It's the same bullet they use(d) in the past in their Non-Ranger line I believe which believe it or not is a good HP. Is it cutting edge? No. Do I use it? Yes, in the Win. 9mm 115 gr. +p+ as in that particular loading it's Blue Ribbon in my book. Maybe Hotpig will chime in here as he is the Win. whiz.

01-04-2012, 06:48
Not the best, but if it's all you got vs FMJ, might as well use it.

01-04-2012, 13:43
I've fired and used one or another of that basic load offering for many years, back when the Ranger RA40180HP was the load on the state contract. We also received a lot of the USA40JHP load, as well. I'm talking many, many tens of thousands of rounds.

The listed difference between the Ranger load and the USA40JHP is about 10fps in the specs (Range 1020fps @ muzzle v. USA 1010fps @ muzzle).

The CHP out this way used it for many years and it worked well enough for them (although they eventually went with the Rem Express 180gr JHP, and then the Rem Golden Sabre, and then the current contract load is another Win load, the RA40TL.)

It's their low-cost bargain, or bulk, offering in a hollowpoint. Entry level contract load. The hollowpoint bullet used is the first one used by Winchester when the .40 S&W was developed, and it's enjoyed a long service life.

Not my first choice when more modern bullet designs are available, or better quality components are available, but I didn't lose any sleep carrying it, either.

Given my choice of other loads, I've used it more for range ammunition than carry ammunition.

01-04-2012, 18:30
Thanx, everyone!

I was just looking for some range ammo. I generally carry 155 & 165 JHPs for SD / HD, and usually pick up less expensive FMJs with similar weight and MV for fun-time at the range. No such luck during my last trip to WalMart, just the aforementioned WWB-180-JHPs; guess I'll give'm a shot.

Shoot Safe!

01-04-2012, 19:01
Ha-ha, You said, "guess I'll give'm a shot"!
That's funny.

01-04-2012, 19:30
The Win USA 40S&W 180JHP uses the same bullet that was their first design and was the first issued round for the Calif. Highway Patrol. The CHP actually had good results with the Win 180JHP subsonic.

01-04-2012, 20:37
I bought some WWB 180grain JHP just for target practive through my Gen4 Glock22 since I carry Federal HST 180 grain JHP for self defense. Since they were kinda expensive I practice with WWB 180grain FMJ. I normally try to practice with the same weight bullet that I carry for self defense.