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01-06-2012, 09:42
I could use a little advice here. A friend is selling off some non-essentials and I may be interested in one of his guns. I don't know anything about these or their history so any help would be appreciated.

The gun is a Springfield Micro Compact. He has only had it for about a year has fired about 3 boxes of WWB through it.

What would be a fair price for both of us for this gun considering it is in A- to B+ overall cosmetically? (bluing wear on slide release and safety).

What should I look for as far as possible "gotchas" with this specific model?


Mayhem like Me
01-06-2012, 10:10
Ball parking 600- 700 ish private deal like that.

You want to know those things either work... or they don't.

And the line between do and don't is quickly crossed, Springs in magazines and recoil springs along with extracor tension must all be constantly checked,

They like full power loads to function with a shape similar to hardball.

I like them alot but you do have to be a hobbyist.

Mayhem like Me
01-06-2012, 10:12
oh and see if he will let you shoot it, some guys and gals just don't provide enough of a hold on the smaller guns for them to be reliable.

01-06-2012, 10:47
Yeah, you are kind of confirming what I have been reading. I think if bought this I would be wanting to sell it shortly. I'm not really looking for a hobby-carry gun. Thanks for the insight.

01-06-2012, 18:01
That looks like a "Loaded" model, and they sell new anywhere from $1,000- $1,200. The last time I looked on the Springfield website the MSRP is around $1,300 I think. I have one and it has always shot good without any malfunctions. I recently took it out of the safe after not shooting it for about a year, as it's not my every day carry gun. Funny thing is when I went to shoot it the slide didn't want to return to battery a few times, and brass was hitting me in the head, like I said when I put it away it was shooting perfect so that's strange, and I have no explanation for it. Anyway I tuned the extractor, just a bit (it was a little too tight) and that took care of the battery problem somehow. I didn't tune the extractor to fix that particular problem, I did it so it would throw the brass a little more to the right, which didn't help with that problem. Brass was still hitting me, so I beveled the ejector (very lightly) and that took care of the problem. I now have 500 rounds through it without a malfunction. Like someone said they either work or they don't. I know a few of my buddies have the same pistol, and have thousands of rounds through theirs without a hitch. In my opinion if you choose a 3 incher, you might have to tweak it some, but then again that could be said for any 1911. I know some people that have had "Ed Browns" "Wilson's" and " Nighthawks" they have had to do one thing or another to get it just right. On the other hand I just recently sold a Kimber Ultra CDP that never gave me any problems. The only reason I sold it was to help finance a new Colt I wanted. I guess my post didn't really help you much, because I am telling you my experience with mine. So to be of more help I will recommend you shoot 50- 100 rounds through it if possible and see how it functions and if you like it. If it runs satisfactory and you like it, buy it.

Rally Vincent
01-06-2012, 18:21
Kind of off topic, but does Springfield still have all of their frames made in South America?

01-07-2012, 23:16
oh and see if he will let you shoot it, some guys and gals just don't provide enough of a hold on the smaller guns for them to be reliable.

He speaks the truth! I had a Micro Compact with the rail. I had to sell it. I just could not get a firm enough grip on it. It would tie up on me about 30% of the time. Going fully into battery was my issue.

01-07-2012, 23:30
Kind of off topic, but does Springfield still have all of their frames made in South America?
They've never had ALL of their frames made in Brazil.

01-08-2012, 04:27
Kind of off topic, but does Springfield still have all of their frames made in South America?

They all start from IMBEL forgings. The "US" made ones have the internal cuts done in brazil.

03-21-2012, 21:24
I've been thinking about one of these as well, would $800 be a good deal on one with about 500 rounds down the pipe?

03-21-2012, 22:14
I'd like to have one (if I got a good deal on it). With Springfield's CS reputation I'm sure that if it had any problems they'd fix it.

03-22-2012, 00:54
They are good little guns. I wanted the bi tone like you have pictured, very nice looking. I got a deal on two of the matt stainless models because they were discontinuing/closing out that model from my guys dealer about 8yrs ago. I paid $740 each, but at the time the bi tone with two mags was $1k+. I traded mine to a buddy who had to have it, and my wife still has hers.

Both have been flawless function wise, but one had a rough slide that always fealt like there was a burr somewhere, I could not find the issue. I called Springfield they said send it in, I had the gun back in ten days smooth as silk and no charge. Excellent customer service for sure.

Mine have only had 230g American eagle fmj and Fed Hydroshok ammo through them, but about 1K through both guns with no issues.