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01-06-2012, 17:25
OK...I screwed up! Due to a serious spousal health issue over the last 10 months requiring my full time and attention, I neglected to renew my SC carry permit in the renewal window (90 days before-60 days after exp.) The folks at the place where I took the permit course tell me SC has extended the on-line renewal window to six months, yet when I go to the on-line renewal page it refuses my attempt and says I'm outside the window. So I guess that means a paper renewal, but I can't find anything on the SLED site regarding a paper renewal window. Anyone have a prior experience with this and can shed some light? I'm hoping to avoid taking the course again!

Thanks in advance!

01-06-2012, 18:30
I see that you live at the beach, so it's not exactly convenient for you to go to SLED headquarters as I would living in Columbia. If I were you, I would call SLED directly and find out exactly (as in, from the horses mouth) what to do in your predicament. The number you need to call is: (803) 896-7015 according to their website:

01-06-2012, 19:06
Thanks Ranger88...that was the first thing on my agenda for Monday morning.

01-10-2012, 07:25
So...made the call Monday morning. The person answering the call could not respond to question with a solid answer. She suggested the best thing to do is send in the renewal application and it will be handled by the "experts". I guess it will be up to 90 days (by law) until I see a response...and the potential for losing the $50 non-refundable app fee. And still the possibility of having to apply again as a new CWP with another 90 day wait.

Lesson learned...don't miss the renewal window!!!

The Shadow
01-16-2012, 17:04
I just went through this earlier this year. 60 days is the limit. If you go past that you can no longer renew. You will have to take the CWP class again and apply as a new applicant. I did include a photocopy of my old CWP along with the new application and it may have helped speed thing up. I had my new CWP in the mailbox in less than a month. The phone answerers at SLED usually don't have a clue about the CWP rules.


02-02-2012, 19:47
Good CWP renewal arrived in the mail today, one day shy of three weeks. And it appears my firearms dealer was correct when he said the grace period was extended to six months, as I was well outside the 60 day window. The 60 day window is still in place for online transactions, but if you're beyond that and not yet at six months, you can renew by mail.

Best solution though is remembering to renew within the online window, 90 days before expiration through 60 days after. That also allows the use of a credit card rather than a cashiers check. Also remember, SLED does NOT send renewal reminders!!!