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Hawkeye shooter
01-07-2012, 18:35
I want to try a new holster for my 20SF. Getting bored with my Fobus holsters and want to try some leather. Has anybody here tried the Desantis speed scabbard? I like the fact that you can carry it with a forward cant, and the retention is screw adjustable. Any thoughts?? Thanks!

01-08-2012, 20:09
I have one like that for my Smiths that has been a very good holster over the years but............

Be careful with leather holsters and glocks. You want something with a strong opening that won't deform over the years. I have heard (albeit rarely) of leather holsters that will collapse a bit over the years and someone will reholster and if it gets far enough in the trigger guard it "could" cause an AD. that said, I love leather holsters and wood grips, just something looks right about that.