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01-11-2012, 08:06
Although I can still get 9mm ammo locally for about $9 per box of 50, obviously one can shoot A LOT more .22 lr for the same money. In your opinion, is there any benefit to using one of the .22 conversion kits in a carry gun (a Glock 19 in my case).

My home is on a few acres just outside of the city where I can (and do) shoot safely at my own personal range. I fire a few rounds of centerfire each week, but will pop off several .22 rounds most every day that I'm home. Unfortunately, none of the rimfire guns are in a platform similar to any of my carry guns.

Thanks, in advance, for your reply.

Mas Ayoob
01-11-2012, 08:20
While the lighter slide will slightly alter handling characteristics, a .22 conversion unit for your Glock 9mm will give you the exact same trigger pull, and right up until the recoil starts, simulates everything you need for draw-and-shoot practice. The Advantage Arms unit has made a lot of friends. I've been happy with mine. In will need more frequent cleaning than your Glock with the 9mm top on, though, in my experience.