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01-11-2012, 16:38
Got a line on a good deal on an Accumark, fluted stainless with Accubrake in .30-378.

My boss has one from Thompson Long Range that he has had unbelievable success with hunting. I can order the same scope that is supposed to be a kind of cheater way to reach out to 1K (using ballistic reticle, no adjustments). It is a Leupold VX3 I think, in 4.5X14 with the custom TLR reticle.

Anyone have any experience or input on either the rifle, scope or caliber?

Zak Smith
01-20-2012, 14:52
Read the tacked threads in this forum for optics advice.

The .30-378 is generally a lot more overbore than what long-range shooters prefer, but it would be a good platform to launch the 240gr SMK from.