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01-12-2012, 08:12
Except for the roll marks this looks interesting:

01-12-2012, 08:23
Looks nice for sure, don't really care for the roll marks either:dunno:

Mayhem like Me
01-12-2012, 10:47
That Pistol looks very well put together.. Slide to frames appears very tight.

FYI Kings Built these on RRA frames and slides...

01-12-2012, 15:15
That would be a kick *** 1911,....I could do without Kings' roll marks as well.

Jim Watson
01-12-2012, 15:52
I think the King's markings are subdued compared to other brands' billboards.

My FLG thought the RRA parts were of excellent quality and was sorry they gave up 1911s to concentrate on ARs. Which are undoubtedly easier to build and more profitable.

01-12-2012, 17:06
So are they RRA 1911s that have been worked on by King's, or did King's build the guns using RRA parts?

01-12-2012, 19:37
I think it was built by Kings on RRA parts.