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01-14-2012, 00:00
Had to make a trip is NE Kansas for work to inspect pumps and tune on them. Lets just say the Hogs beat them in the Cotton Bowl. :)

After all the work was done we went shooting. He had a nice XDm .45, G17 and a AK. I had my M&P .45, G20, 4" 686P and G-AK. Everything had been shot and then the G20 came out. :)

After he shot the G20 he had to have one. We drove to a LGS in Emporia (sp) and picked up his own 3 gen 20 and a boat load of Silver Tips and Hornady ammo. All at a good price for the local farm boy. So happy he couldn't see straight! And yes,,, he is a reloader.

We went back out and he ran the G20 in. Retail ammo shot clean and the brass was fine. But the smile came up shooting some of my ammo. Wondert why? :)

Within 100 rounds he was hooked! and was mad because his XDm .45 shot worse than my M&P .45 with +P 230gn XTP's. Then he figured out how smooth the recoil was on the G20 was even with nuke loads. He turned around and cussed the sob's on the tube that have videos showing more recoil compared to .45 acp rounds. I showed him how I could drop my LW barrel into his new G20 and make it better. I thought he was going to have to find a rock pile and cow to relive himself.

We just got another 10mm vert! And I must say I had a great time working with him and shooting whit him. It was well worth the extra time and getting home late. Before I left. He joke'd about how us Arkie boy could take a turkey at a 100 yards over a hill and through a rock pile and tree's. And not think a thing about it.

Funny how things work out. :)

01-14-2012, 09:35
I love stories with happy endings lol...I think it's hard for gun guys not to be impressed by the 10 once they get to shoot one. I find a ton of guys either thought the cartridge was dead or to hot to be fun.

I have seen more and more interest in the 10 as of late and that's a good thing. Just last weekend at a gun show I talked with 4 separate guys who knew the 10 and it's beauty...one has a very custom 8" 1911 I was told him and his father built(built 2 sold one, he also said they were looking to do the same on a glock to the tune of $2500) 2 guys hunt hogs with them and reload, and the last guy was saying he noticed they are coming back and he should get another one as he sold the one he had and regretted it.

I think we just show the path then 10 does the converting. Thanks for sharing the story.

01-14-2012, 10:39
Awesome story, Blastfact.... I enjoyed it thoroughly

01-14-2012, 10:49
If only the gun manufactures would see that people still enjoy this cartridge for the ballistic potential it has to offer and build some great guns chambered for the 10mm.:dunno:

Many are stuck trying to sell yet another 45ACP 1911 this or that, trying to capitalize on the 100th anniversary of the JMB 1911...:whistling:

01-15-2012, 15:49
I am only about a year into the whole 10mm craze, but to me, it REALLY seems to be gaining lots of ground. Maybe there is always this much buzz on the internet about 10mm, but it sure seems like TONS of people have been buying and shooting 10mm this year. I'm not too hopeful, but I really wish 10mm would get popular enough for other manufacturers to start making 10mms. That's not to say I have issues with Glocks 10mm guns, because they are amazing. I just like variety, and would love to see 10mm get more mainstream.

01-16-2012, 20:02
^^^^Agreed....unfortunately we are still in the minority big time. Hopefully that will change.

01-16-2012, 21:28
BTW, I started with 10mm in March of 1990! I was reading everything I could trying to decide on the best pistol to obtain...S&W's 1006 was what I started with. I moved to it from the 357mag and 44mag revolvers. Factory ammo was slow to be marketed therefore, I was loading for the cartridge since day one, when the data didn't exist in most manuals. I was developing my own using Blue Dot with good success and accuracy from the S&W 1006.

Ballisticly this cartridge works very well from mild to wild! People/shooters who experience it have come to like what it offers.

Make mine a 10!

01-17-2012, 11:34
I haven't posted my range report from this weekend yet, but I did hear the new shooter next to me (who was shooting his AR-15) ask the rangemaster what I was shooting ... the range master answered the guy by saying "ohh, he's shooting the 10mm Glock.... Its been around since the late 80's and its a REAL BEAST of a cartridge, ALL the ballistic improvements and blah blah blah .... but its almost TOO MUCH!... you can FEEL the power, can't ya?" ....

I simply went about picking up my brass and smiled to myself.

01-20-2012, 19:44
I've spoken with our new G20 shooter. He is in heaven!!!!

01-22-2012, 07:00
Very cool :cool:

01-22-2012, 10:24
^^^^Agreed....unfortunately we are still in the minority big time. Hopefully that will change.

Sometimes I like being the minority. Since I don't reload (yet), it means more ammo for me. :supergrin:

01-22-2012, 11:46
Everyone should set their facebook statuses to "10 millimeter". That will get the marketing going for the caliber, and help us in the process. :supergrin:

01-22-2012, 11:47
Everyone should set their facebook statuses to "10 millimeter". That will get the marketing going for the caliber, and help us in the process. :supergrin:


01-22-2012, 14:05
We'll just keep letting Glock own the 10 market with the sales in their G20, and G29. Surely Smith, Ruger, Springfield, will wise up eventually!:whistling: