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Rugar Fan
01-15-2012, 15:32
I am interested in purchasing a 223 rifle for self-defense, but have some reservations about buying an AR15 type carbine. It seems as though there are so many maintenance problems with dirty pistons/chambers and broken firing pins with the AR type. The bolt action rifles seem more reliable, and I already have 3 (22 mag, 270, & 303). What are your thoughts on having a good quality 223 rifle equipped with a scope? My Ruger PC 4 in 40 caliber is great, but it is somewhat limited in effective range. Thank you for your comments.

Mas Ayoob
01-15-2012, 17:14
If you don't care for the AR15 platform, and are already a satisfied Ruger owner, you might want to consider the excellent, underappreciated Mini-14 carbine in .223.

For close work against multiple opponents, a very skilled man with a bolt action can give a fair account of himself, but the emphasis is on "very skilled." And, if one arm is taken out by opposing fire, one-handed rapid fire with a bolt rifle is very close to hopeless from a standing position.

Wishing the best of luck with whatever you choose,

Rugar Fan
01-15-2012, 18:55
First, thank you for your prompt response.

Secondly, I sincerely doubt that I would qualify as a "very skilled" rifleman, and I often wonder if I would be able to take on multiple attackers even with backup pistols and shotguns to supplement the bolt rifle. Accordingly, you have now have me rethinking the virtues of having a high-capacity carbine.

Debating now between a Ruger Mini 14 and the Colt AR15 carbine. I really like the balance and feel of the Ruger Mini 14 versus the AR15, but I am concerned about the numerous reports of firing pin breakage. Ruger seems to make a quality product, and I have been pleased with all of the Ruger purchases I made over the years.I don't know if the breakage issue is being overstated by the Mini bashers. Colt has an excellent carbine, but the ARs seem to have maintenance issues too. Colt seems to be the standard from which all of the other AR are compared. Which of the two would you recommend? Thank you again for your suggestions.

Mas Ayoob
01-15-2012, 19:51
Next year, my police department will have been issuing the Mini-14 for two decades. To the best of my knowledge, there have been NO broken firing pins. Having both attended and taught numerous rifle courses, I've seen more ARs fail than Minis...and yes, I say that proportionally, not just because more folks bring ARs than bring Minis.

The ergonomics of the AR15, and its inherent accuracy, make it better for some applications. Interestingly -- a point often missed -- if you're fighting for your rifle with someone at contact distance trying to disarm you, a conventionally-stocked rifle (standard Mini-14, or M1 carbine or rifle configuration if you will) is easier to retain control of, in my experience. That's a definite concern for the home defender or the police officer, more so than for the soldier IMHO.

There are lots of good AR15 platforms out there. You won't go wrong with a Colt or any of the top tier guns. My own ARs are either Colt or the excellent but no longer made Sabre Defence brands.


Rugar Fan
01-16-2012, 13:03
Thank you again for your comments and suggestions. I have chosen the Mini-14. Best regards