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.45 Combat
01-16-2012, 14:28
Mas, if not a Colt, which I have a 6940, which brand is top of line, in your opinion. Also, how have the mini's improved?

Also, which ammo would you use for home defense.

And even using a AR, for home defense? Would there be any issues in court? Thank you, Mas these are just some quick questions.

Mas Ayoob
01-16-2012, 17:41
Colt and Rock River have been consistently outstanding performers at the rifle classes where I've been present, along with the now-discontinued Sabre Defence, but there are lots of good ARs available today. I'd go to the AR section in GATE and post the same question there.

I've also found the Mini-14 to be a stunningly reliable rifle.

No one knew more about the Mini-14 than Ruger engineer Roy Melcher, lost to us from cancer last December. A couple of years ago, Roy took me through the factory in Newport to show me the seven-figure investments the company had made in the Mini-14 production line. My own testing confirmed that the accuracy is definitely improved in the current production guns, which is exactly what Roy and the company intended.

The Mini-14 has always been an inherently reliable rifle. Cops knew it all along; private citizens were the ones who called it a jam-amatic. The reason was, under Bill, Senior's policy, only the cops could get the good Ruger full capacity magazines, and the "civilians" were stuck with aftermarket magazines, none of which I for one found reliable. In the last few years, the new management has made the good full capacity magazines available, and that's all I'd recommend to anyone who owns a Mini-14 or a Mini-30.


.45 Combat
01-16-2012, 20:57
Mas, outstanding but what are the defense legalities involving the use of an AR-15 at home? When a shotgun would cause less problems.

Mas Ayoob
01-16-2012, 21:40
Unless you live in some benighted place where you can't legally own an AR, there are no purely LEGAL concerns per se. What comes down on you is public perception and a jury pool that has been tainted for decades by political/media "assault rifle" BS.

Do a Google search for the jury research of Dr. Glenn Meyer. There are some scary public perceptions out there.

That said, you have to survive the fight before you get to worry about the courtroom aftermath. Be able to articulate WHY your home defense gun was, say, an AR-15 with collapsible stock (which could better fit smaller members of the household, had less recoil that they could handle with more confidence and competence in an emergency, etc.)

The simple fact is, you need to be prepared for both stages of the incident.