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01-18-2012, 18:27
I wasnt sure about whether the SW 10xx series barrels were fully supported
for hi power loads. Since I dont think anyone makes replacement barrels
as for Glocks, I would not want one if they could not handle the higher
power loads without worrying about smiles on the cases etc.

01-18-2012, 18:45
Here look here!

01-18-2012, 18:58
S&W 10xx series are very strong guns and barrels, mine has handles everything I have ever put thru it!

Bar-Sto use to produce the aftermarket barrels, but have since discontinued them.

There is a retired Areospace engineer machinist (Bad Man 1) over at S&Wforum who has taken on the task of producing barrels for these fine weapons. He has had limited time on the CNC machines at the company he was dealing with to be able to finish them. He is very confident he will be able to complete them all 100 pieces. Most all are spoken for 40S&W, and 357Sig and yes 9x25Dillon in the 4.25" and 5.00" pistols.

I have 4 on order and may get a 5th if it be comes avaliable. So I am being vey patient and communicating regulary with him on the project.