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Jonathan H
01-20-2012, 22:36
I am hoping someone has seen this before. My late uncle was a gun collector and I ended up with some of his ammo after several years. About 90% of the ammo has this dark coating over the tips, and labeled “MOLY”. I’ve shot several hundred rounds of this ‘moly’ coated ammo in different calibers and never had a fail even though its 10+ year old ammo. I was just wondering what this coating is for? I assume it’s some kind of moisture protection. Any thoughts? Thanks. :wavey:


01-21-2012, 02:49
The bullets themselves look like the standard Winchester 147JHP. My guess is that whoever sprayed the bullets with the moly coating did so thinking that it'll reduce bore erosion, provide less drag and produce more velocity or maybe the person thought that it might help with its "armor piercing" ability. Who knows?

01-21-2012, 14:44
Ten years is still factory fresh for ammunition, as long as you aren't regularly moving it from deep freeze to the oven and back.

01-21-2012, 21:51
Ten years is still factory fresh for ammunition, as long as you aren't regularly moving it from deep freese to the oven and back.

i second that- i reguarly shoot surplus 30-06 marked '68 or '69 from greece in my m1 garand from the cmp store @ camp perry.... actually cant recall ever having a bad round either

01-22-2012, 20:17
It does look like someone put a molybdenum coating on the projectile.

Zombie Steve
01-22-2012, 23:07
Moly is not only hygroscopic (attracts water from the air = not moisture protection), but the fouling is IMHO worse than copper fouling to deal with.

I'm not the world's biggest moly fan.

01-23-2012, 03:36
Some moly info.

Moly Coating - YouTube

Standard copper jacket is fine for me.:supergrin:

Jonathan H
01-25-2012, 18:31
Thank you, that's the information that I was looking for. I figured there was some reason he did that to thousands of rounds of ammunition. (Or maybe he just bought a big bucket and didn't want to waste it :whistling: ) Thanks for being a great resource!