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01-23-2012, 10:40
Mas, Your writing has been a huge help to me, and several other guys at my church. In the past few months as we prepared to get our CC licenses, we have had our 6th edition Combat Hand-gunnery at our sides most of the days.

We finished our class for the CCP this weekend and I'm already feeling overwhelmed with how much training an average civilian like myself will require to become "prepared" for a worst case scenario.

For instance, our first shooting exercise was 10 shots at a paper plate from 7 yards while the range master called out times and number of shots to be fired in how many seconds. I used a snub nose revolver that I purchased as my edc cc gun and have practiced with extensively at greater distances. I was dismayed when I realized, of my first cylinder, only 1 shot (my first one) hit the plate. After the reload the next five all went in the plate, but what an eye opener that was! If my first shots out of my weapon are that haphazard just from the stress of a stopwatch and a few spectators, I can't imagine what I could hit under the stress of a life and death situation.

For the rest of the test, I switched to my G17. Admittedly it was to partially blame my poor shooting on the revolver, but I also have a high comfort level with the G17, so I was hoping that would transfer to a calming effect. And it did. I shot quite well after that.

I came away from the experience with a few realizations.

Firstly, the license to carry doesn't make me (or anyone else) prepared. It makes me armed. If I want to even approach being 'prepared' to protect my family or myself, which is why I want to carry in the first place, I will need to join IDPA, or something similar, to get some actual relevant training.

Second is that, after reading countless blogs, magazines and books, I still don't know which gun I should carry. This is because, no matter how much I read, nobody else knows what gun I should carry. I had decided on the snub nose .357 as the 'safe' edc choice based on most of what I read and its comfort in concealment. But even though I have shot snubs a lot, I still have a mental picture of shooting "at" something with a snub where as, with other guns, and my G17 in particular, I am "shooting" something. At this point, addressing Comfortable vs. Comforting, I'm just going to get used to carrying the bigger G17 until I get more proficient with the snub, or, I see a G26 in my near future.

So far I have, 'Not getting enough training.' and 'Not being proficient with carry gun' as two mistakes I'm, hopefully, already avoiding by carrying my Glock and joining our local IDPA. What are some other common mistakes you see civilians like me make when deciding to CC? I'd particularly like to learn any of the fatal ones on someone else's dime.

Mas Ayoob
01-23-2012, 17:04
Oscar, you're on the right track in discovering that there's a balance between comfort and ease of carry, and "shootability." Your consideration of a G26 is wise, and I'd consider a G19 also.

You didn't mention where you were, but I think training is the first priority. It will save you reinventing the wheel and get you on the fast track as soon as possible.

IDPA is great -- I recommend it and compete in it myself -- but while there is much opportunity to learn at the matches, it's more skill testing than training per se.

Another option is to simply avail yourself ot some of today's excellent concealment holsters, discussed regularly in the Concealed Carry section. I'm not a big guy, but good holsters allow me to carry a full size Glock or other full size service handgun discreetly concealed most of the time.

Wish you the best; feel free to come back here and fill folks in on your progress...and of course, welcome to Glock Talk.


01-23-2012, 19:47
Thanks Mas! I'm in the Raleigh NC area. If you have any recomendations for training in this area, I'm all ears.

I'm 5'10 180lbs and I tend to wear loose fitting clothes most of the year. Right now I have the G17 in an old nylon IWB DeSantis holster I used for my 92FS back in the 90s. Not a great holster, but I've done all my eveing chores wearing it and its pretty hidden and still comfortable. It is at least enough to tell that the G17 would definitely work for me IWB, especially with one of the many better holsters on the market.

Thanks again!

Mas Ayoob
01-23-2012, 21:30
One source for training I can recommend in NC is . Ask for Chris, tell him I referred you.

In your hot weather in the Carolinas, you might want to look for something Kydex worn inside the waistband for your G17. Blade-Tech and KyTac via Google are two good starting points.

best of luck,

01-24-2012, 10:42
I'll check them out. Thanks!