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walkin' trails
01-24-2012, 20:43

In terms of the new breed of compact 9mm offerings, which of the following would you be comfortable with in terms of reliability and the ability to digest +P or +P+ if necessary?

Sig P290
Ruger LC9
Diamondback 9

Weight and concealabilty are a factor, but so is ammunition versitility. Cost may be another consideration.

Thanks for taking the time.


Mas Ayoob
01-24-2012, 21:19
I haven't shot the Diamondback yet, and haven't put enough hot loads through the LC9 and the P290 to get a handle on their longevity with them. The Kahr has been around the longest and the only one I've had an opportunity to follow with long term +P/+P+ shooting. Since they've stood up well, Kahr would be my personal choice for that reason.


walkin' trails
01-29-2012, 21:24
thanks. Kahr has been around the longest and I haven't heard of them causing anyone any grief.

Take care.