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01-25-2012, 20:20
I was thinking about this rifle for my kids. Anyone have any experience with it? How's the accuracy?


01-25-2012, 20:27
I don't know about the pump but I have the lever action and really like it. I might have to get a pump to keep it company.

M2 Carbine
01-25-2012, 20:49
I had the pump but I got rid of it.

I liked everything about the gun except the pump was too hard to operate.

I e-mailed Henry and they paid for the shipping both ways. They checked the rifle and replaced a part or two. The pump was still too hard to operate. Several other people shot the gun, including a friend and his two boys. The gun wore us out pretty quick working that hard pump.

Too bad. I really liked that gun.

Have the kids try it before you buy one.

You might consider the Henry lever action.


01-25-2012, 21:33
I've probably fired at least 15 Henry rifles in several calibers, the pump was the only one I disliked.