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01-26-2012, 00:17
Hello, Mas. Been a fan of yours for years.

My problem is, though, I've read so much of yours and other gun-writer's stuff, that I'm having trouble remembering if it was you who made the argument to try and carry (for CCW) the weapon/ammo choice that your(my) local LE agency issues.

The argument, if I remember right, was so that if a civilian is ever involved in a (good) shoot, and the DA tries to make an erroneous argument in court regarding how 'overly-powerful/aggressive/etc. the shooter's ammunition was', he/she would then also have to indict the whole, local LE agency for doing the same.

What say you? :dunno:

Mas Ayoob
01-26-2012, 08:58
Defender, I wasn't the one who came up with the idea of carrying what the local cops carry...but, that said, it makes sense. (So long as your local officers carry a decent load, of course.)

We do see the argument made by desperate lawyers that the citizen's use of a hollow point is an indication of malice. Being able to say that you carry the same ammo as the local police does seem to undermine that bogus argument very effectively.

It also allows you to bring up another very persuasive point: "I felt if the police had determined that this was the best ammunition for them to use to protect people like me and my family, it was obviously the best ammunition for ME to use to protect myself and my family."


01-26-2012, 11:13
Thanks, Mas.

I've been derided before (and just recently, as a matter of fact) for choosing to carry exactly what my local PD carries-- a G23 with Bonded, 165gr Golden Sabers, instead of 'thinking for myself' and choosing another load that I'd rather carry.

Honestly, while my favorite cartridge is the 9mm, preferably Corbon +P's in 115 or 124gr, I actually do shoot .40's just about as well, if not as well.

And I do recall, at least during this latest 'discussion,' making a similar point to the one you just did: "If it's good enough for my local PD, then it's good enough for me...".

Thanks for your time,


Mas Ayoob
01-26-2012, 17:13
Seems to me that you're fine where you are, bro. A source from Tulsa PD told me they were more satisfied with the effectiveness of their Glock .40s when they switched their flavor of Golden Saber from 180 grain subsonic to the fast 165 grain version.