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M2 Carbine
01-26-2012, 09:29
Yesterday, a lady I'm helping with her shooting, wanted to try the defense shooting trainer at the local gun store/indoor range.
I don't know what you call these things. They are basically a life size movie where different shoot/No shoot scenarios are played. The thing is computer controlled and shows your hits, misses, speed, if the BG shot you, etc.
It's live fire but at least the BG's can't actually shoot you.:)

For LEO training whole scenarios can be played, but for us, paying by the hour, the operator started situation close to the shooting. It puts you at a little disadvantage since sometimes you don't know who the good guys are.
At one point I didn't shoot a armed plain clothes guy because he didn't point the gun directly at me. It turned out he was my partner.

I did pretty well. I only shot at my parter once and missed.
And I shot an innocent once.
I got shot a couple times.:)
My times were fast and mostly accurate but I missed shots that I shouldn't have.

The lady did great. She shot mostly using a little Ruger 21A 22LR, Bersa .380 and my Ruger SR9C 9mm. All the guns were equipped with Crimson Trace lasers.
I'm not sure if the program can tell the caliber of the gun but the lady did have to shoot several BG's more than once, with good body shots, to put them down with the 22.

We had fun and I'm proud of my student's shooting.
Using my SR9C and laser she got through a fast scenario, dropping all seven BG's, without being hit herself.
The program operator said he hadn't seen anyone do that before without the shooter being shot at least once by one of the BG's.
That says a lot for the gun mounted laser, and the lady's shooting.:)

I said it's too bad we can't set up one of these things at my range.

01-26-2012, 09:37
A local shop got a similar trainer in. It's pretty fun, but this one isn't live fire. You have to use their training guns.

Baba Louie
01-26-2012, 15:37
F.A.S.T. firearm simulator training (or some variation thereof). Tis indeed good mental exercise.
I got my exposure at the local Metro Citizens Academy years ago. What an eye opener for sure.

01-26-2012, 16:22
We have one like this in Calgary. When things starting to move trigger control has a whole new meaning. I'm glad You had fun Buck :wavey:

01-26-2012, 18:15
Sounds fun! I wish there was one of those around me. The Army's EST2000 just doesn't cut it for me. :rofl:

01-26-2012, 18:24
F.A.T.S. - FireArms Training Simulator ( is a great tool in use of force, scenario based training.

The department I work for now, went one above with PRISm(R) ( which in a way is improvement over F.A.T.S. With PRISm(R) the "integrated ShootBackŪ and audio/video capture technologies add a vital intensity level and the training discipline to record student performance." In short, you will very quickly learn to use cover, and after scenario is over, you can actually review the video of your performance, from the bad guy's point of view.

All in all, both provide good training opportunities.