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View Full Version : Concealing w/ a straight drop avenger holster?

01-26-2012, 12:23

Would it be possible to conceal a full sized pistol with a straight drop avenger style holster, utilizing minimal cover garments?

I'm wondering because the avenger style holster seems like it would be very comfortable, and a vertical drop would allow me a natural, comfortable grip/draw. In addition, the straight drop would allow the holster to be used in the cross draw position if needed.

Does anyone have any pics of this?


01-26-2012, 14:19
I've been thinking about a Galco UDC holster myself.
The only problem I have them is the belt clip only comes in 1-1/4 width.

Professor Zero
01-27-2012, 06:09
I use a Mitch Rosen UPL-EXP for a G19, carried just forward of the hip. It works very well. I suspect because of it's design, it will hold the pistol closer to the body than the Avenger style. Go to Express Line, scroll down.