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01-26-2012, 13:18
Here's my latest Michigan Firearms Examiner article on some tips for new concealed carry permit holders.

Advice to new concealed carry permit holders (

"As a firearms instructor I get a lot of questions from new Michigan Concealed Pistol License holders about carrying a gun. There is so much to cover that today Iím going to stick to advice on the mental and moral aspects of concealed carry. This applies to anyone, from any state, who has a shiny new CPL/CCW permit and wants to start carrying a gun for self-protection."

02-01-2012, 09:25
One little thing needs to be added to your "Obey the Law" section:
Before traveling to any other state, find out what the carry laws are for the states you will be traveling well as through. Don't be the next NYC gun-toting tourist making headlines...and new friends in the prison showers. Carrying a gun where you are not allowed to by law is an act of ignorance (or in some cases arrogance) that can ruin you and your families lifes much more that death.