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01-27-2012, 06:38

There's a bunch of modifications out there. Lightening the trigger, extended slide release, extended magazines, sights, steel guide rods/springs, lasers and even barrels.

Do they really incur an advantage? Do they lead to a liability?

Any objective truth that KKM barrels actually make the Glock more accurate or reliable?

I was curious. I like to keep mine stock except for night sights.



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Mas Ayoob
01-27-2012, 08:01
The Glock armorers by and large don't seem to care for steel guide rods. Extended slide stops make handling easier and more positive for some users. I've found Bar-Sto barrels do improve Glock accuracy, haven't worked with other aftermarket barrels for the Glock sufficiently to form an opinion.

For triggers, I wouldn't go below 5.5 pounds total pull weight except on a dedicated competition gun.

FWIW, my own carry Glocks are modified only with sights, and with the NY-1 trigger systems I have in most of them. Some have also had the grips stippled or reshaped.