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01-28-2012, 21:47
Picked one up for my glock 36. Sweet holster. My old holster was a fobus paddle holster. The difference is like night and day. The 36 locks in the holster securely. Also the extra pieces that come along with the holster that you adjust for your belt makes everything fit snuggly. When you go to unholster gun and push on button the holster does not move at all. All in all the holster is sweet and Made in the USA!!!! Only 34.95 @ Cabelas.

01-28-2012, 22:24
I have 3 different Blackhawk holsters 1 carbon fiber sepra for my G31 $55.00, 1 standard sepra for my G26 $29.00 & they are the best ever & just got a Blackhawk IWB leather clip $60.00 on for my new G32. The best money spent. You got a breat holster.


01-29-2012, 18:42
All of my serpa holsters are hard to remove when I want to take the gun off. The hook that goes inside my jeans won't let go so I have to pull and twist to get it to come off. So I cut the hook almost completely off and re-rounded it with my dremel and sand paper. It still holds on when I draw but comes off a lot easier. I am also using the 2 belt hooks that came with the holster so it is very secure when it needs to be.

01-29-2012, 18:58
Expect a number of "experts" who will tell you the holster will cause your gun to go off. (there is no way to avoid it) and shoot yourself. (with your finger FAR from trigger, the gun can even be unloaded,no mag or firing pin.
That the holster will fall to pieces if anyone looks twice at it........
Some might even say that IF you draw before hitting release it will be dang tough to draw (that one is even true) :) :)
Keep in mind to keep finger OFF trigger before you reholster, keep finger off trigger until sights on target. Dang that sound like good council for any holster/gun???????