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01-29-2012, 08:04
I want to get a bullpup but there are 2 models of what I want. one made by steyr and one by MSAR. they both look identical. is the performance the same?

Matthew Courtney
01-29-2012, 08:16
They both have crappy triggers.

01-29-2012, 09:08
I would get the steyr, its going to cost more, a lot more but MSAR is in bankruptcy right now so good luck getting anything fixed if something should go wrong

01-29-2012, 09:13
glad I posted . I was about to get a MSAR. cant find a steyr anywhere.

01-29-2012, 09:23
I know i'm being the bearer of bad news on this thread but steyr stopped shipping rifles to the U.S. because of cost. they might ship them again through their distributers Sabre defense but no guarantees

01-29-2012, 09:29
I can probably find it at a gun show. seems like everything I'm looking for is either not imported or mot made anymore. also looking for a SPAS 12 gauge. no longer made.

01-29-2012, 12:36
MSAR is pretty much defunct now. You can still find STG556s and STG-M4s new, but the supply will dry up soon and parts may be difficult to find as they don't all interchange with an AUG. Steyr was importing A3's a few years ago, but then their supplier for 922R compliant parts also became defunct (Sabre Defense) due to legal issues. Ratworx is supposedly working with Steyr now to be their supplier of 922R parts, but this is a slow process.

As far as performance, the MSARs are known to have problems here and there (mine did). The Steyrs are the closest you can get to a real AUG. Triggers suck, malfunction clearance sucks, changing magazines while prone sucks, changing magazines in any other position is more difficult than a traditional rifle (but not terrible), catastrophic malfunctions suck (as the chamber is right by your face).

If I were to get a bullpup, I think I'd hang on to my money until IWI brings the Tavor in later this year. Of course, having had experience with a bullpup, I really don't want one anymore.

02-28-2012, 08:26
the bullpup I opted for. kel tec RFB 308

02-28-2012, 08:51
In that catogory, I would suggest the FN FS2000

02-28-2012, 11:02
Steyr all the way. They've been in production for over 30 years. They come and go in the US market, but they can be found. Word is they are re-entering the market this year.

MSAR is bankrupt, and QC is dodgy.

Keep in mind that with any of these, you aren't going to have the supply chain that the AR family offers. Just know what you are getting into and get some spare parts up front.

02-28-2012, 13:47
the bullpup I opted for. kel tec RFB 308

The RFB is an interesting rifle bur it seems to be in a different niche than the others you were considering. Enjoy.

02-28-2012, 15:51
In that catogory, I would suggest the FN FS2000
the FN is another I'm getting as well.

02-28-2012, 16:22
They all have glock like triggers,.........the FN is the best of the three

02-29-2012, 01:04
Just a WAG, but the Steyr will hold its value well, whereas the MSAR will not.

wayne in boca
02-29-2012, 05:27
My MSAR E4 has been flawless in operation since I got it.Trigger doesn't even suck.Accurate,dependable,and Ratworx has spare parts.I could sell it right now for more than I paid for it new.But I plan to keep it.Plus it's green and makes me look environmentally friendly.

02-29-2012, 19:42

the fs2000 is growing on me.

02-29-2012, 21:44
any AR15 trigger group in AUG or MSAR