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01-29-2012, 15:46
Hey folks, just bought my first 1911 last week. It's a Taurus PT1911. I know Taurus gets a lot of negativity, but it was a ridiculous price I couldn't pass up. Anyhow, a few days I was fondling it and noticed the rear sight was loose, it would drift nearly all the way through the dovetail on either side. I tried and tried to tighten it but to no avail. Took it to my LGS and had their smith take a look at it, he tightened it up with no problem. I was trying to use a 5/64" allen and needed a 1/16" apparently...ANYHOW, fast forward to today, I just got home from the range and shooting it for the first time. All my shots were low and right, I'm typically a low left kinda guy. Loosened the sight, drifted it and tightened it back up and was on track aside from being about 2" low with everything. I never payed attention to the sight again, but now that I'm home I puilled it ou of the case to clean it and the sight is as loose as can be again, and now I can't tighten it, tighten the screw as much as it will go and I can still move the site with my fingers....any thoughts? I suppose I could use locktite, but I dont really want to lock them in they aren't aligned right.

01-29-2012, 16:34
Every pistol I've had, I've used blue LockTite on the sights.
Never needed to adjust sights, all have been dead on.

Now, with this Taurus,.......seems either the sight cut in the slide or the
sight its self is out of spec. To fix this properly, a new rear sight needs fitted.

01-29-2012, 17:38
I'll take it to the smith again tomorrow I suppose....There is no stopping point with the set screw, I can just keep tightening and tightening with zero resistance, I've pulled the sight completely off and checked the screw, it's not stripped. There's a gasket kinda thing underneath the sight, is that normal? Seems to be fitted so I'm assuming all is well with it, it does seem a bit worn though.

01-29-2012, 18:23

Any pistol smith that had ahlf a clue would have known what to do to'fix this the first time!

ca survivor
01-31-2012, 14:45
It must be the hard steel Taurus uses on the slide.... sorry I had to do it......:rofl::rofl::rofl: