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01-30-2012, 18:26
At lunch I was browsing a nearby gun store and saw 6 or so nice Browning Auto-5s on the rack. Three of them were Sweet Sixteens. Don't know if anyone's interested. Standard engraving and nice condition. It was Dempsey's in Meridianville, Al, just north of Huntsville.

L Pete
02-07-2012, 15:44
Sweet Sixteens are very hard to come by in my area. I would love to have a really nice to go with my very early Remington 11-48, 16 gauge.

02-09-2012, 13:14
The last time I looked at an a-5 16ga they wante $15000 for it. Nice gun but too rich for my blood when you can pick up a nice light 12 for half that.