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Gary Slider
01-31-2012, 19:06
West Virginia’s AG has announced that they have signed an agreement with Kansas. KS already honored WV. You can read the agreement Here: http://www.wvago.gov/press.cfm?ID=601&fx=more
This brings to 23 the number of states WV honors.

On the Georgia page I have added links to a copy of the Georgia Application and Instructions for filling out the application. From what I am hearing from a RTBA’s group in Georgia an online copy of the GA Application was never online until very recently. I believe being able to see a copy of the application makes it easier to apply as then you know all the information and paperwork the issuing agency wants and helps make the process easier.
www.handgunlaw.us has been updated to shows these changes.

I am a member and Firearms Instructor for the NRA. I am not out to bad mouth the NRA but I have to point this out. In the past the NRA website gave out very good info about the carry laws in the states. They were just slow in updating their information. Well the NRA Has completely revamped their State Gun Laws and they have some very serious errors. I emailed them 3 times on 1/29/12 & Called twice on 1/30/12. They stated they are aware of the errors but I don’t think they took my phone conversations seriously. At least that is the way I felt after hanging up the phone. They are showing Mass, MD and NJ as honoring the AZ Permit/License. They show DC honoring a Missouri Permit/License to Carry. They show Wisconsin as being honored by Puerto Rico. This is not correct and could lead to someone getting arrested and Jailed for a long period. There are other major errors that can get someone arrested. They also have errors of omission on just about everyone of their state pages when it comes to who they honor and who honors them. I ask them to take the pages down and repair them as this might save someone from being arrested but they are still up and have not been fixed as of late this evening. (1/31/12 which has been over 48 hours to my knowledge they have know about the problems) You can view the new NRA State Pages Here: http://www.nraila.org/gun-laws/state-laws.aspx Do be AWARE that when I posted this the pages were still showing major errors! I really hope they have fixed them or will fix t hem shortly but I doubt it. Many of the pages have a date of last being updated in Early Nov & Dec. Do click on Arizona, Missouri and Wisconsin. It will shock you. If you feel like calling them and letting them know what you think the number is 1-800-392-8683.

Caver 60
01-31-2012, 23:39
I just checked MO. The page shows updated Jan 25, but it still shows that District of Columbia recognizes a MO permit. Good grief!

Hopefully most folks have enough common sense to know better, but like you said it sure could get someone in deep trouble.

02-01-2012, 15:50
Now I remember why before a trip, I always check your site first and then use your statute links. Thanks for your good work.

02-01-2012, 16:15

Gary Slider
02-01-2012, 18:52
The NRA Has removed all their Maps from their state law pages and have removed the listings of what states honored them and who they honored. I figure they got a lot of phone calls today. Now lets wait and see if they repair them or just forget about them and never post that information?