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Semper Discipulus
01-31-2012, 21:49
Hi Mas,

When reading about disparity of force, most of the examples that I've seen have been multiple attackers, male against female, old against young, etc.: cases where the aggressor has a physical force advantage, with all other aspects being assumed equal.

What considerations could you see for imbalances not necessarily in force but in "ability to tolerate damage"? Two real-world examples that I've run across: a man in otherwise good physical health has a medical implant for a heart condition. Doctor says that strong impacts to his upper body would be "very bad" from here on out. Another example would be a man in good physical shape but who is pretty nearsighted. Doctor says to stay away from contact sports due to a high suceptability for retinal detachment.

For both of these examples the limitation isn't with physical mobility or strength, but rather the risk of permanent debilitation as the result of CQC.

Thoughts? I figure that the legal standing would be somewhere in the gray area between "carte blanche to shoot" and "gee dude, must suck to be you".

Mas Ayoob
02-01-2012, 17:13
Best answer I can offer is here, bro:




Semper Discipulus
02-01-2012, 17:32
Wow, not sure how I missed one that recent. Thanks for the link, and sorry about the duplicate question.