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02-03-2012, 17:39
I thought this was so funny!

Inmate prank adds pig to Vermont police cruisers.

--The Associated Press
A Vermont prison inmate who makes stationery and license plates has gotten the best of the state police by adding the image of a pig to the state decal on their cruisers.
One of the spots on the cow in the state crest has been changed to the shape of a pig, a derogatory term for police. The 16-inch car door decals are made by prisoners in Windsor.
State police discovered the pig images Wednesday. They say they believe the decals have been added to about 30 cruisers in the past year.



02-03-2012, 17:59
Someone's getting fired

02-05-2012, 13:49
I have heard of "pig in a poke", so would this be "pig from the pokey?"

02-05-2012, 21:05
:animlol:Well back to lock up.