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Hi All
I was at a yard sale the other day and saw someone leveeing with what looked like a SKS. The only problem was it was too big. This rifle was the size of a Garand. It was at least 150% bigger than a normal SKS. I asked the guy running the sale, and he said it was his old SKS. He said it was Russian and took 7.62x54r. He had just sold it for $250.

Now, I have a couple of Russian SKSs and they are way smaller, and they take 7.62x39 not the 54r. Is there a larger version of the SKS I've never heard of?

From what I could see, It had:
The fixed hinged mag on the bottom
Folding blade bayonet under the barrel
Same type of gas tube, piston system
the typical cocking knob on the side.

Any help would be great.....

7.62x54r was a popular cartrige, it could have been a number of things. Although, nothing I can think of has a fixed magazine.

The AVS-36 (SKS's older brother, if you will. It's what the SKS was based off of) had a removable box mag;


So did the SVT-40 (different designers)


Mosin-Nagants have hinged mags, but are bolt action, but could like similar, with the bolt locked. However, they don't have underfolding bayonets, and the m44's folding bayonets folded off to the side.


In any case, if it's truly a 7.62x54r in semi-auto, for $250, he stole it.

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That avs-36 looks about right... But for 250$ that guy robbed him.

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AVS36 is select fire weapon, it had to be Class3 type of transfer. We wouldn't be talking $250.

I doubt these rifles exist on US soil but if they do I would be extremely surprised if there would be more than a couple of them. I've seen the bayo going for $1K.

AVS36 is super rare even in Russia, very few Russian museums have them. The one in Moscow doesn't even have the bayonet and I didn't actually see the rifle there, it was in storage. I saw one in Pskov (it did have bayo). The only other place I was told to have it is Kalashnikov museum in Izhevsk.

Perhaps they exist in Finland

arnold ziffle
02-05-2012, 04:27
it's a tokarev. looks like a long sks. svt 40.

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How about a Albanian SKS


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I gotta see the end of this.'08.

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One of these would be a "steal" at $250.......but, it's 7.62x54r, and I'd imagine some people might think it were an SKS......


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Odds are, SVT-38 or SVT-40.

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How about a Albanian SKS



Many people think Russian SKS rifles are "rare". They are not. The Albanian is the rare one.


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Russian SKS's are rarer than Chinese or Yugo ones.

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swedish lungman (don't recall exact spelling) looks like a giant sks but is chambered in 6.5x55 swede. Also FN 49 might lok similar but would be 7mm mauser or 30-06

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Odds are, SVT-38 or SVT-40.


If it was an SVT-40, the gun now sells for around $1200 and the bayonet for about $250!!!!!

I wish I had bought one years ago when I saw them at the gun shows for $450:crying: