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02-04-2012, 18:31
Well, I finally received my CCW earlier this week and carried for the first time today. Put my CM9 in a Tagua IWB holster and spare mag in my pocket and took my son to the mall to buy some clothes. I was very nervous at first, then realized that nobody was the wiser. I have noticed a lot of people printing in the past couple of months once I decided to get my CCW. One thing I realized is that I need a mag holster because I lost a round in my pocket with all the movement. My senses seemed to be extremely heightened, but I tried not to draw attention to myself by repositioning the gun, which is how I made most of the people lately. Well thanks for all the good info I've seen here over the last months. It's good to read about others experiences and use what you can for yourself.

02-04-2012, 18:46
Until you've been to Walmart for nachos you are not an official CCW'er.:tongueout:

02-04-2012, 20:33
Guess I'll never be an official CCW'er because I don't shop at Walmart