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Rugar Fan
02-05-2012, 11:20
I have a Georgia CCW for personal defense. In order to avoid using a handgun in a situation against an intoxicated or drugged individual who is unarmed but advancing on to hurt me, would it look more responsible to use a slap jack rather than using a firearm? At the age of 55, I can no longer protect myself against someone half my age or against multiple assailants bare handed, and it would seem prudent to have another option for avoiding an armed confrontation. I also carry a mace-type spray,but that may not work against a seriously drugged individual.

How do the courts look upon someone with a CCW using a non-firearm weapon to avoid using a handgun? Similar to using a slap jack, how do the courts look upon a middle-age man using police gloves with lead or steel shot to settle a bad situation?

I want to avoid a costly lawsuit from discharging a firearm against an unarmed assailant. Thank you for your comments.

Mas Ayoob
02-05-2012, 11:47
Several problems with the concept, bro.

1. Check your state laws. In many states, permit to carry gun covers ONLY guns; saps, blackjacks, weighted gloves etc. remain prohibited items for carry.

2. These are contact weapons, that keep you in punching distance and still require skill to use. Saps and jacks can be used to strike wrists and hands, but you're still in the other guy's kicking range, and you'll need very good timing.

3. Jacks, saps, and weighted gloves often end up being used for head strikes. High likelihood of fractured skulls, brain damage, eye short, "death or grave bodily harm." You are seen as armed man using a deadly weapon on unarmed man. Also, if he ends up crippled or dead, you are seen as having destroyed a guy you yourself didn't think needed that degree of force, or you would have used your gun. Not the easiest position to defend.

The pepper spray is a good choice, and needs its own training of course. You're right that it doesn't always work immediately, but then, neither do bullets. Check Georgia law to see if you're allowed to carry a "Civilian TASER," which might be another useful intermediate force option for you.

Best of luck,

Rugar Fan
02-05-2012, 12:55
Thank you for your comments as that is how the courts would probably judge. I just use the mace type spray instead.

In one of your books that I have, you mentioned carrying a roll of quarters to have more impact while throwing a punch. How would the courts view this option? Your thoughts are very much appreciated.

Mas Ayoob
02-05-2012, 15:27
It would be good if you could show that you regularly needed quarters, whether for parking meters or newspaper machines or whatever.


Rugar Fan
02-06-2012, 20:40
Excellent! Thank you again for your help. Best regards