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02-06-2012, 13:34
I just bought a Magpul MS2 sling about a week ago and having used it/messed with it a good deal, I have to say I love the system. So much so that I'll be keeping it; and so I need to upgrade my sling attachment points.

In the rear right now I'm using the Vltor single-point (HK style) endplate that I've run for years in conjunction with my previous sling, and have a steel ring running through to allow the QD on the MS2 to fit...the ring is thin, and though it's adequate for testing out the sling and it's capabilities and does fine at the range, it probably only has a 50lbs test and isn't suitable for any real use.

In the front I'm using the (reinstalled) factory FSB swivel that is too thin on the sides to allow the latch on the sling to go completely sideways, which is what's needed for ideal two-point use.

I have a Daniel Defense Omega rail that accommodates this quick detach sling swivel (, which is much cheaper than buying the Magpul RSA (and would look cleaner, IMHO). Is there a lot of lost functionality with using the MS2 with a QD swivel?

I'll have to get a new endplate to have the ideal set-up for this sling. Which one do y'all suggest? The Magpul ASAP is attractively priced and seems like the most logical, but it's kinda loud and I'll never use it off my left shoulder. Also, I feel like you'd get the same ambi' functionality out of a center mounted QD swivel. Are there any QD endplates that cost the same/less than the Magpul? What functions best?

I've attached a picture to help you get an idea of my set-up, and because you people love pictures:

Thanks all, and happy Monday.

02-06-2012, 13:45
I got rid of one ASAP plate when I dumped the MS2 (about 1 week after getting it) and I still have another ASAP plate NIPackage in a box of parts. Obviously I don't like them. Having said that I prefer the QD endplate and swivel set up. Noveske or DD are my preferences. You will be fine with a QD swivel in the front. You shouldn't be transitioning from 1-2 point in a critical moment anyway. One thing to think about is that the DD sling point is near the receiver end and the rear connection is at the endplate and some don't like the 2 attachment points so close to one another. On the plus side that CTR can mount the rear QD sling attachment at the end of the stock so you have options. That is pretty much my same set up, just without that MS2.

02-06-2012, 13:58
Thanks much for your response; exactly the type of valuable experience I was hoping to hear about.

I agree that there's no situation where I would want to transition to a two-point set up under stress. I can also see there being disadvantages to running the forward sling point so far away from the (heavy, attachment laden [often including a light]) front end that might flop around when it was on my back. I think running the rear point from my CTR would spread that weight out more. Would you think that I should just run two QD swivels, one from the CTR and one from the rail, or are there disadvantages to running a single-point from the stock? That would certainly be the most cost effective and easiest in terms of install, and would allow me to leave the Vltor endplate.

02-06-2012, 14:04
Well that is really up to you to decide. Give it a try on running it from the stock. Try it mounted in the inbound and outbound sides of the stock. I personally add the endplate QD but it isn't necessary if you like the stock mounted set up. I generally run the endplate position most of the time, but there are instances where I set up on the stock. Just gives options. Some don't need all these options but I like to have them.

02-06-2012, 14:54
I'm currently running a MS2 as a one point off of an ASAP plate. I'm pretty happy with the setup and can easily transition from right shoulder to left. I tried running it as a two point, foward off of the factory sling swivel and the rear off of the ASAP. Found the same problem as you with the forward point and didn't like the way the sling was pulled up into my face on the rear when using the ASAP. I then tried it with the same forward point, but moved the rear point to my stock (Magpul MOE). This setup was better, but still prefer the one point and went back to my original setup.

I would love to see some pics and info about how people run their MS2's as two points. (or anysling for that matter)

Edit to add: You can see in this pic how I had mine setup as a two point and how I alleviated the issue with the factory sling swivel. I removed the bulky hardware and threaded the sling through the slot in the stock. I then used the small quick disconnect on the front.

02-06-2012, 16:47
So before returning home today I called up a few LGSs and found some QD sling swivels; about $25 out the door. I messed around with the rifle for about half an hour:

Even totally collapsed, the ~8" lower that the rifle hangs v. an endplate attachment is a disadvantage for me, so much so that I will eventually buy a QD endplate (maybe). I'm 5'10 and thin. When the rifle is slung on my back, the barrel must point towards the ground. As I suspected, the heavy front end of the rifle sways like crazy when up. Because of the stock mount though when it's down it's very comfortable, can be strapped down very tight, maybe better than other methods that have the barrel up (for my purposes I'm not worried about things on that end hitting the ground and the muzzle has clearance). Transitioning from single to two-point with this set up is very fast and extremely easy, and I really like using a two-point set up with this for the first time in my life.
Two-point: A++
Single-point: B-
I think this would be ideal for me with the addition of a QD endplate.

Surf, thanks for your help. Agent, thanks for your post. I too think that everyone should contribute photos and reviews of their MS2 sling set-ups; that would make this a very valuable reference thread.

02-06-2012, 17:36

Running the rear swivel on the outer (right) side of the CTR is an even better set up to me. It's better still on the back, and hangs higher from a single point.