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02-06-2012, 20:34
What's your opinion of the fad that seems to be driving more and more pistols to a short reset trigger? Sig is pushing that big time and the Walther PPQ advertises a 1/10" reset like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I've shot an SRT Sig and in SA mode it borders on a hair trigger IMO. Ok I guess for rapid fire fun at the range but I can fire fast enough with almost any trigger. A short reset is just a liability when under stress, it seems to me.


Mas Ayoob
02-07-2012, 20:50
Bro, I figured out a long time ago that an easy trigger was good news and bad news. By "easy trigger," I mean a very light and/or a very short pull.

Good news is, they're easy to shoot.

Bad news is, they're easy to shoot.

With a double action first shot on a TDA (Traditional Double Action), the danger of an unintentional shot under extreme stress comes after the first shot has been intentionally fired. This tends to be a rare occurrence, usually happening in the situation where a shot has had to be fired intentionally...the danger is now over...and the user unintentionally fires (or is falsely accused of unintentionally firing) one or more unjustified, negligent shots. (Remember: "there's no such thing as a justifiable accident.")

Double action only trigger system guns in their various formats were expressly designed to prevent that.

While I personally am comfortable with a TDA design, and particularly one with a short reset trigger, some others are not. This is why the manufacturers have given us multiple choices in this regard.

The choice, however, is up to the individual (or the institutional purchasing entity), and must encompass a realistic, honest assessment of the predictable skills of the given user(s) under stress.

Recognizing that answers are more complicated than questions,

04-07-2014, 10:41
Follow up question about Short Reset Triggers: I know you're comfortable with them but which do you prefer, say on a Sig for example? And do you find it makes any difference at all in terms of speed or accuracy of rapid or even slow fire?

Mas Ayoob
04-07-2014, 16:39
Where it's helpful IMHO is in intermediate range shooting (say, ten yards) when you're maintaining trigger weld with your index finger and not going for a controlled slap, but trying to hit dead center as fast as you can.

Since it's so dependent on the individual's sense of touch and trigger technique, it really has to be tried side-by-side with a standard trigger to see if the given individual is going to gain any advantage from it.