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02-08-2012, 00:27
I have a gen 4 26 I got last summer. I love the gun and have had no problems with eratic ejection or any of that other stuff, I just want more horsepower. I have a G30 I have been using as my winter carry, and I love it very much as well, so I was thinking about trading the 26 for a 36 to be my summer carry. Has anyone carried both? How do they feel in comparison? I'm carrying iwb in a comp tac mtac. I would probably also carry owb at times as well.

02-08-2012, 19:05
I used to own a 26 and a 30 and now have a 36. It is easy to carry concealed, about the same as the 26 imo. The 30 was just too thick for me to carry iwb. I do prefer to carry a .45 and the 36 is a good choice for ccw, but it sounds like you might regret trading if you like your g26 as much as you say. Its nice having a 9mm because ammo costs so much less.

02-09-2012, 03:42
I do have a G34 gen 4 for range duty. This is strictly a "working" gun. I will put range time on it, but the cost of ammo is not a concern for the way I intend to use this gun. I'm glad to hear it is comparable to a 26 in ease of carry.

02-09-2012, 19:18
I sold my 26 a couple of years before I got my 36, so I am trying to go on memory just a bit. If anything I would say the 36 is a little more comfortable to carry iwb, due to the thinner frame. Of course everyone's body type and perception is different. Anyway you go you can not go wrong, they both are great pistols for concealed carry.

02-15-2012, 07:54
hey Pard. I have had a G30 for a very long time. Great shooting gun, but to chuncky for my taste, and I am used to a M1911 and prefer that.

That being said. I got a G36 some years back, and have about 1400 rds through it with my hand loads and factory loads and all kinds of fmj and jhp's, and not one single malfunction of any kind. Even hand loading them with 230gr XTP's at over 900fps. No problems and all stock except for the 3.5# connector. (a Glock part).

Like you, I like more horse power. I carry the G36 actually more now than I do my M1911 all steel. I have a 9mm but rarely carry it. They do the job, but I like making bigger holes. ;)

Good luck !


02-17-2012, 12:10
No problems and all stock except for the 3.5# connector? I have a 3.5 on my 36 and have not had any problems. Please explain problems you have had and that I should watch for.
Installed the 3.5 connector to feel more like my 1911. Mine feels like it breaks at about four pounds. Had to switch to the 36 because wife claimed the 1911 was ruining the couch. Very happy with my 36 and heaven forbid i've shot hundreds of my cast 230 grains with no problems. But once the carbon builds up does need the ramp to be cleaned.

L Pete
03-09-2012, 15:48
I read a thread about carrying a G26/27, and the guy said it felt like carrying a brick.

I carried a G26 for about three years, and have to agree. For CCW, thin is in. They're much easier to conceal, and more comfortable to carry.

03-11-2012, 12:53
I have a G27 and a G36. I love both but carry the G36 most often as I find it more comfortable to carry.