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02-09-2012, 16:51
Well, it is finally 'finished'. I still need a BCG for this rifle, but I have enough that I can borrow from another at this point. I still need a sling and optic as well.

I decided to build something fun, and that could be changed easily in the future to an SBR when I finally become less lazy, and have more time. It fills a nice in between point of my 16'' AR and my 7.5'' AR pistol. It is a 11.5'' barrel with a pinned 5'' flash hider.

I did this build some what slowly, spending $2-400 a month on pieces, and assembling where I could.

Total is just under $1400 at this point.

Lower: $658
USA Tactical stripped lower- 130
Lower parts kit- 36
Magpul ACS butstock- 130
Buffer tube kit- 51
Magpul Miad Grip- 36
Magpul BAD- 30
Enhanced trigger guard- 25
Timney Trigger 4lb skeletonized- 220

Upper: $730
USA Tactical stripped upper- 90
Forward assist- 16
11.5'' barrel- 170
5'' Flash hider- 25
Crush washer- 4
YHM 10'' FF rail- 140
YHM rail end cap- 21
Low-pro gas block- 35
Gast tube- 21
BCM charging handle (medium)- 45
Gear Sector hand stop- 48
PMag- 15
YHM iron sights- 100

I'm planning on going with a XPS2 Eotech, VTAC sling, and the ionbond BCG, which will bring the total to around $2k for this build.

I have shot the upper on another lower and it functioned flawlessly. I have done the function tests on the lower, but have not had a chance to shoot it yet. That will probably be next weekend.
So far, I am loving the Timney Trigger, and may purchase another for my 16'' AR.

I would also like to say that 90% of these parts came from USA Tactical out of Statesville, as I prefer to support local small businesses.

Sorry for the large pictures. I use photobucket for hosting, and it does not have a resize option.

02-22-2012, 16:56
I finally added an optic to the rifle: XPS2-2
My Spikes NiB BCG will be here Friday.

In three weeks I get to put the rifle through its paces in a 2-day carbine course.

02-22-2012, 17:01
Looks great, nice & different looking which I love :) I also love the fact that you put it together over time, I do not have the patience sometimes :rofl:

Thanks for posting it :wavey:

Road Dog
02-23-2012, 13:38
Nice work!


The Pirate
02-23-2012, 19:30
I like it! I built one over the course of a few years. It has a bushy barrel, DPMS upper w/ a swan sleeve, a trijicon tri-power, and a double star lower. Everything on the gun is mismatched to a extent but it works well. It's my favorite AR I own.

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02-24-2012, 14:26
You want flames? Get an 11,5" with Russian ammo: