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BL33D 4 M3
02-11-2012, 21:22
I am a long time Glock enthusiast and also have a soft spot for quality wheel guns. About a year ago I bought a Springfield Mil Spec (made in Brazil) as my first 1911. I have a CMP Springfield M1 Garand and I loved the look of the 1911 with its wood cross-cannon grips next to the rifle. Once I began to shoot it and got over the pleasant aesthetics, I never could warm up to the Mil Spec. I sold it. Compared to my Glock 21 I just couldn't shoot well with it. I wanted to like it, but it just didn't take.

I now have an opportunity to buy a Kimber Desert Warrior. Its a very good deal. Its like new. $700. I have shot a friend's Kimber TLE/RL2. Its a fine pistol as far as I can tell after just a few mags through it.

Any info regarding the Kimber would be appreciated for a 1911 newb.

02-11-2012, 21:46
Sounds like a helluva deal to me. And it's a really good gun. I say go for it. :thumbsup:

02-11-2012, 21:57
I have a DW and like it a lot. The first 400 or so rounds it did want to be well lubed. I have about 2,500 rounds fired now and has really slicked up. It works well with just a light lube.

02-11-2012, 22:06
I would jump at it. Even if you don't like it you can make money on that price

02-11-2012, 22:12
The Desert Warrior is one of the only Kimbers that I would ever consider owing. The one I shot was great and I wouldn't mind having one.

02-12-2012, 05:45
Can you shoot it before you buy it? From my experience Kimber owners would rather part with their first born than their Kimber, if their pistol shoots well.