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02-14-2012, 11:34
1. No illegal message content.

2. No foul language. We are trying to maintain a family environment and such language is not appropriate. Also, do not post curse words that are deliberately misspelled or have special characters inserted in them to avoid the bad word filter.

3. No rude or abusive language and No flame wars are allowed here. It is possible to disagree with someone without getting rude.

4. Posts with racist or extremist comments or content are not allowed. That includes links to sites with such content.

5. Absolutely NO racial, religious, or sexual bigotry is allowed at any time. Don't lower yourself into dragging someones ethnicity or sexual orientation into an argument or disagreement.

6. Unsolicited posts by companies and/or individuals promoting themselves, a website or a product are not allowed. (Please email for info. on becoming a sponsor.)

7. Posts with sexually suggestive or explicit content are not allowed. That includes links to sites with such content.

8. Do NOT reopen threads pertaining to subjects that have been previously closed.

9. Do NOT post the same or similar thread in multiple forums. Select the forum best suited for the topic and post it there. Multiple postings with the same subject matter by the same member will NOT be allowed.

10. Do not post or link to content containing graphic depictions of serious injury or death to people or animals.

11. We do not allow anyone to be registered under more than ONE member name. There is absolutely NO reason to have an extra account unless it is used for trolling purposes. If you are found to have more than one account, you will risk losing ALL of your accounts.

12. Avatars of your own choosing are allowed for 'Senior Members', as long as they are tasteful in content, and conform to the rules above. The Administrators and Moderators DO NOT want members using the avatar system to make bigoted personal, religious, or political statements. They should be used to express your likes, loves, and individuality, but there are limits. The avatar may also may not include scantily-clad, provocative pics of women/men.

13. Signature lines fall under the same rules as your avatars. If your signature line doesn't meet the above rules, it isn't allowed.

14. List ALL 'FOR SALE' items in the 'Want Ads' system. You are not to list items for sale in any other part of the site. Find the proper category for your item and list it there. DO NOT use other forums, such as State forums, General Non-Glocking, General Glocking, or Non-Glock Firearms, to sell anything. This also pertains to items you seek that are 'Wanted to Buy'. Put these in the 'Wanted to Buy' section in the Want Ads area ONLY. Also, DO NOT post a 'link' to 'For Sale' ads you may have on other boards, such as GunBroker or GunsAmerica in posts in the forums.

15. We do not allow Glock Talk to be used to deliberately trash, denigrate, or malign another forum or site. DO NOT drag your board wars over to this site or attempt to use this site as a staging point to start trouble on other sites.

16. Cheesecake/beefcake threads and posts are not allowed here. If you want to look at or post pictures of scantily-clad women (or men) please do so elsewhere. This isn't the place for it.

17. We DO NOT want our Moderators harassed and attacked. This WILL NOT be tolerated.

18. Posts concerning politics, civil liberties issues, Law Enforcement issues and religion should be confined to the forums we have dedicated to those topics. Please do not argue these topics elsewhere on the site.

19. All the same rules listed above apply to the posting of pictures and videos. This includes content with language that would normally be censored by our bad word filter, if it were typed out. This also includes using videos for self-promotion, whether you are promoting yourself, your products, or your videos themselves.

Everyone is welcome to hang out here and express their opinions, but we expect anyone that chooses to post, to do so within the confines of the posting rules above. We reserve the right to close, edit, or remove any post or thread that violates the rules here. Anyone that repeatedly violates the rules will not be allowed to participate here. You can disagree with someone, just do so like an adult. Above all else, we expect people to be treated with RESPECT! Thank you.